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Vaping Abroad – Can you take your device through airport security?


Vaping Abroad - Can you take your device through airport security?

It is coming to that time of year again.

The weather is getting warmer and we’re thinking about kicking back by the pool, vape in one hand, Pina Colada in the other. It is time for a summer holiday.

If this is the first time that you will not be taking a pack of cigarettes on the plane and through the airport, you might be wondering, “what do I need to pack to vape on holiday?” and “Can I take my vape device through security?”

Lucky for you, we’ve been vaping a fair few years now and have traveled far and wide and through numerous airport securities with our vape devices.

Here are our top tips for traveling with a vape device, along with what you’ll need to pack and where you should and shouldn’t vape.

Check the laws on vaping

Before you start packing up your coils, drip tips and tanks, make sure you check the laws on vaping in the country you are going to. There are some countries where it is illegal to vape and you may risk having your device taken off you at the airport, or even a fine if you are caught vaping somewhere prohibited.

Pack more than what you need

I don’t mean fill your case with all the eliquids, coils and spares that would fit. You just need to remember that you will probably be vaping more than you would if you were working a normal working week, and getting through more juice. You will also want to consider taking a spare tank, as well as coils and juices. You wouldn’t want to smash your tank on a night out and be left vape-less for the rest of your holiday.

Airport security – know the rules about vaping

First off, don’t vape in the airport, unless there is a designated area to do so. When going through airport security make sure you keep your vape device in your hand luggage, and place any batteries outside of the bag, just as you would a laptop or tablet. Keep e-liquids under 100ml and in a clear plastic bag. Ensure that your device is charged as you may need to demonstrate that it works and what it does.

On the plane

There aren’t any airlines which allow you to smoke or vape on the plane. It isn’t worth the risk. Keep your device in your pocket or stored in the overhead cabin, sit back and look forward to that first vape in the sun.

Vaping when you arrive

When you arrive at your destination try not to break out the vape until you are outside of the airport and in a designated area. Once at your hotel ask the staff at the reception desk their rules on vaping in the rooms and by the poolside. 

Before you head off on your holiday make sure you are fully stocked with all of your favourite vape juices, coils and accessories.

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