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With our online vape shop you can buy vape juice, vape kits, vape coils, mods, tanks, batteries, vape pens, and other vaping devices online now with Fast, Free Delivery (no minimum order) to the UK, from your local vape store – shop online today, get it tomorrow. Your vape shop has hundreds of e liquid flavours, shop by Nicotine Strength (mg/ml), VG, PG, all the best vape brands, and everything vape juice related you could ever want to buy. We are more than just an online vape store but a CBD Shop Online too…

We’re a vape shop with a focus on quality, and one of the best vape shops in the United Kingdom. Vape and Juice is a UK wide retailer, with stores across the country, with the best vape deals money can buy. Turn vape juice into smoke! Not many can deliver an e liquid of this magnitude.

No one knows vape like a vaper. Our nicotine free range means you’ll be enjoying your favourite vape without the nicotine hit. The vital stage of vaporising your liquid happens at the coil, where electricity heats the coiled wire to boil off the juice on the wicks.

VG liquid costs more than PG liquid and produces a higher volume of clouds while burning more liquid than its PG counterpart. Higher PG products are called mouth to lung juice or MTL Liquid. Discounts on cheap vape kits from our sale section.

Shop the sale for the best prices on the internet on your e liquids. Buy mods and box mods from Smok UK, starter kits, and CBD e liquid online now.

We carry some of the world best Vape Juices from Vampire VapeDoozy Vape Co, Fryd, Wick Liquor, to Nasty Juice, and Vape Juice by Riot Squad.

Vape and Juice

E-liquid for sale in the UK, Multi Buy Deals, the best premium quality ingredients, next day delivery, variety of vape juice flavours and nicotine strengths, top vape brands, fully TPD compliant e-liquid, CBD, menthol liquid and other vape products including vape kits and tanks (including for beginners). 

Liquid flavours we stock, include: apple e liquidbanana e liquid, cherry e liquid, custard e liquid, colapineapple, strawberry, raspberryMint, Amber Leaf, grape, spearmint, strawberry milkshake, kiwi vape, mango e-liquid, peach e-liquid, vanilla and watermelon vape flavours. 


A vaping device such as the Voopoo Kits usually consists of a mouthpiece, battery, cartridge (containing the e liquid or e-juice), and heating component powered by a battery. When the device is on, the battery heats up the heating component, turning the contents of the E-liquid into an aerosol that is inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled. Vapes and e-cigs use e-liquid as the medium for the active ingredient or substance you wish to take in. Vape Kits such as Sub-ohm vape kits use several components to vapourise E-liquid into an inhalable form.

With Clearomizers, some rely on gravity to bring the E-liquid to the wick and coil assembly (such as bottom coil clearomizers) while others rely on capillary action or to some degree the user agitating the E-liquid while handling the clearomizer (such as top coil clearomizers). Some ranges require 1 nicotine shot per 50ml of E-liquid to add if you wish.

Make sure to check how many ml of salt nicotine E-liquid with the nicotine level in mg your vaporizer can handle. This is also known as nic salts.


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Vape Shop Expert Advice

We pride ourselves on offering impartial vape advice. As an independent vape store, we can offer untainted customer friendly advice, on the right cessation products for you. In its 10th year online, and the V&J team hope we can continue to serve you with impartial vape and e-cig shopping advice for more years to come.

Online Vape Store | Free Shipping Vape Delivery

If you’re looking for an online vape store, that offers free shipping vape delivery then maybe we could be your new best vape shop online. Our focus has always been about delivering genuine quality customer service and we began proving that with our vape store free shipping service in 2017. We know that when you visit a local vape shop, you don’t pay postage, so we wanted to do the same online.

We believe that if you aren’t aiming to be the UK’s best vape shop online, then we may as well stop running our online vapour store. Free fast shipping using Royal Mail, a live chat run by humans and a continuing effort to run our online vape store in the right way. We were the first UK vape store to offer an incentivised plastics return scheme and the first to offer free next day vape delivery with no minimum. Every day’s ‘Vape & Juice’ vapor store grind, is about becoming the UK’s best vape shop online and offline. Try out our online vape store and our free shipping vapes service, including a next day vape delivery option.

Are you a Trusted Vape Store?

To find out what other’s have had to say about our online vape shop, check out our Safebuy trust seal at the bottom of the vape shop page to open up our accreditations or see our Trustpilot vape reviews. Our UK ecig store online is a registered member of the IBVTA as are our local vape shop stores. In 2020 we made the decision to join the UKVIA to ensure our vape websites are members of the two leading Vape organisations in the UK. In addition to this, we regularly participate in the ‘Go Smoke Free’ NHS Smoking Cessation Initiatives with NCSCT trained practitioners on our team – we take seriously our role as an online vape store, and constantly try to ensure we maintain the highest standards.

Want to visit the UK Government registered vape retailer, Vape and Juice? We have local vape shops across the South of England, but if you can’t get down to one of our ecig shops, try out what we aim to be the best vape store online instead. Thanks for popping by, let’s keep it smoke free.



What Vape Products Does Vape & Juice Stock?

Our independent vape shop focuses on stocking vape products for all shopper types. Whether you want a disposable vape, vape pen, pod vape, or a big cloud kit, you’ll be sure to find what you need. New vapers are as welcome as advanced vapers. 

To start your Vape and Juice shopping journey on our electronic cigarette store, you can either search in the bar for something you know you want, ask us on the webchat, or click on of the main category labels in the shopping bar at the top, such as the flavours drop down which lists a guide on the best vape juices as picked by your fellow vape shoppers.

We have all types of sub categories to browse through, but if you click on one of the main menu labels such as ‘Vape Kits‘ you will see a wide range of filters to narrow down your hunt with as well as quick suggested options of where to go next. Alternatively, you can visit our regularly updated vape shopping guides, such as, Best Vapes For Heavy Smokers, Best Pod Vapes and Best Vape Mods.