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what's the safest vape pen or kit

What is the safest vape?

TLDR: Thanks to Public Health England we know that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. However, how about the safety of the actual device? Is one vape safer than another?

The answer is yes.

In this blog, we share the safest vape pens and the reasons that make them safe. We will also dive into other types of products in the vape world, to help you understand what makes the safest vape mod, the safest vape kit and even the safest vape juice. If it’s about safety and vaping, we are going to touch on it here.

What makes the safest vape – safe?

When it comes to talking about what is the safest vape, it’s probably best to discuss quickly what makes up a vape and what can make one vape safer than another.

A vape is made up of a tank, a battery, juice, coils and a vaper. Each vape can look very different than another, some are bulky, some are small, but they in essence do the same core job. How they operate and how they are used can have a direct impact on their safety to users. Let’s cover that now.

Different types of vape | Regulated and unregulated

There are 2 types of vape devices, regulated and unregulated. 

A regulated mod or pen has a circuit board that controls the current or the power of the device. Many have digital screens where you can set your power and temperature, all within the parameters of the kit itself. 

You will also have safety features that cap the wattage and prevent the device from overheating and overcharging. 

An unregulated mod doesn’t have an internal circuit board. Instead, the power is fed directly from the battery to the coil through a wire connection. You won’t have a screen or any settings on this mod. There are also no built-in safety features or chipsets. This, of course, could be a higher risk should the user not know what they are doing or understand the basics of ohms law. 

An unregulated mod wouldn’t be suitable for a beginner. If you are someone who wants to get huge cloud production, knows about electronics and understands ohms law and coil building, then it could be for you.

It isn’t to say that unregulated mods can’t be safe. They certainly can be if they are in the right hands!

Are Cloned Vape Kits Safe?

Cloned vape kits look like a great deal. I mean, they are almost identical – apart from one key feature. Their safety chips and testing.

You might buy a cloned vape kit for half the price of the real thing but it is at the cost of your safety. These kits wouldn’t have had to go through the rigorous testing that the real kit would have had to go through. It also won’t be made of the same quality materials and genuine batteries.

They are also unlikely to carry the same safety chipset that the real one would. The fake wouldn’t have things like auto shut off, overcharge and overheat protection to name a few.

It is best to avoid a fake or cloned vape kit. It isn’t worth the risk.

If you think you have been sold a fake, you can authenticate the device on the brand’s website. If it is fake, stop using it and return it to the shop ASAP.

Might look the same from the outside, but the inner workings will be very different.

What is the Safest Vape Kit

If you are looking for the safest vape kit then you might want to consider disposables or pod kits. These are often low powered and have safety cuts offs as well as other features to prevent them from overheating.

Not only as disposables one of the safest vape kits, but they are also super easy to use. They don’t require you to change or build coils, adjust wattage or change modes. Simply plugin and go.

We have rounded up a few of our favourite safe vape kits. Some of which can be used right out the box.

Uwell Caliburn G

Caliburn G

The Caliburn G by Uwell is another all in one device. It is just as basic and beginner-friendly as the Pockex. There are built-in protections such as short circuit protection, 10 seconds cut off protection and low power alert. You can also click your fire button 5 x to turn it off so that it doesn’t go off in your pocket.

The battery in the Caliburn G is 690 mAh and charged via a micro USB. It is always recommended that you use the cable that came with the device to charge it. While your tablet charger might fit, the power supply may be too great.

There are no adjustments to make on this. You don’t need to mess around with wattage or temperature settings.

Key safety features:

  • Short circuit protection
  • 10 second cut off
  • Low power alert
  • 5 clicks on and off

Geek Bar Disposable Pod

Banana Geek Bar

The Geek Bar disposable pod is a simple to use, high strength device. You can vape it right out of the box too. No need to install coils or fill up tanks with this one.

You’ll get around 575 mouth to lung puffs per device. Mouth to lung (MTL) draw-activated will be familiar to you if you are used to smoking cigarettes.

The Geek Bar disposable comes in over 10 flavours and 20 mg nic salts. The high nicotine dosage will mean that you need to vape less often to curb your nicotine cravings.

There’s no button on this disposable so you won’t need to worry about it going off in your bag and dry burning. To keep this safe, don’t tamper with it. Don’t try to open it up to refill it or anything like that. Once it has run out, you buy a new one.

Key safety features:

  • No adjustments to settings
  • Draw activated
  • No button

What is the safest vape pen?

The safest vape pen is going to be a regulated one. This is because it comes with a variety of safety features and has been rigorously tested. Coils are premade and there is less chance of human error. Here are a few we like.

Aspire Pockex 

Aspire Pockex

The Aspire Pockex is a great and safe option from a well-respected brand. Aspire has been making vapes since 2013. The Pockex has been around for nearly as long!

It is a beginner-friendly, all in one device that is perfect for mouth to lung vaping. The Pockex doesn’t have a screen or any settings to worry about, just one button to power on and off and of course, fire.

Safety features built into the Pockex mean that it is one of the safest vape pens. It has a 10 second shut off. If it is in your pocket or bag and firing then it will auto shut off so that it doesn’t dry burn. It also shuts off if there is any kind of short circuit. When the Pockex is fully charged it automatically shuts off to prevent overcharging. 

Key safety features:

  • 10 second shut off
  • Short circuit shut off
  • 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off
  • Overcharge protection

Nunchaku 80W

nunchaku uwell 80W

For those wanting a cloudy vape pen, all while knowing you vaping safe, we think you’ll like the Nunchaku 80W by Uwell. 

This pen has various modes such as power mode, Ni TC, SS TC and bypass mode. This allows you to make changes to your settings and enhance your flavour and cloud. It is powered by a single 18650 battery which you can charge via external chargers or the USB port. 

The Nunchaku 80 W has safety features such as low voltage protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, and an 8 second cut off.

Key safety features:

  • 8 second cut off
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection

SMOK Stick Prince Baby

Best vape for safety with clouds

Another device for the cloud chasers out there. The SMOK Stick V9 has a built-in 2000mAh battery and adjustable airflow. 

The Stick Prince Baby has low voltage protection, low resistance protection, short circuit protection and 8 second cut off. 

You can rest assured that if you treat this vape right there is no reason why it wouldn’t remain safe. SMOK is another much loved, trusted brand.

Key safety features:

  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • 8 second cut off
  • 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off

What is the Safest Vape Power Settings

Safest Wattages

Wattage can range from 5-15 W for your basic cig a like’s right up to 220 W for your mods. While you are likely to enjoy a satisfying vape at 10 W, if you want to unlock the flavour and cloud of your juice with sub-ohm vaping then you might enjoy the higher wattages. If you are into practising tricks then you might see the top-end power, but everyday vaping would mostly be up to 75 W max.

If you are using a regulated mod then you will be safe enough vaping at the higher wattages. However, your e-liquid, coils and battery will drain faster the harder you make the mod work.

Safest Temperatures

On the more advanced mods you will notice TC mode, also called temperature control mode. This means you can adjust the temperature that you want the coil to stay at. It allows you to find the sweet spot for the eliquid you are using and get the most out of it.

There has been some research into whether vaping at high temperatures can emit higher levels of carcinogens. Studies looked at this back in 2017 but nothing has been said since.

If you want to be on the safest side with your vape, try lower temperatures and low powered devices.

What is the Safest Vape Juice

The best and safest vape juice will be from a brand that uses ingredients that are safe to vape. The following ingredients will be listed in your juice:

  • Propylene Glycol – The ingredient responsible for the throat hit, higher ratio of this is found in high PG liquids such as Vampire Vape
  • Vegetable Glycerine – This is the thicker ingredient found in vape juice. Known to produce clouds and give a smooth vape. Found in high VG liquids such as Watermelon Slush by Slushie
  • Flavourings – Food grade flavourings
  • Nicotine (if needed)

When you are buying a new eliquid make sure you buy from a reputable seller. Some on eBay and the likes seem cheap, but it is always best to check ingredients to ensure you are vaping safe. The only ingredients it should contain are above.

Final Safe Vaping FAQs

For anything else that hasn’t been covered, we wanted to fire through commonly asked safe vaping questions. From whether it’s safe to vape while pregnant, to is it safe to vape while driving. We will keep this section updated whenever we see some interest in a new thread. Yes, we stalk Reddit for these vape safety AMAs 

Is it safe to vape while pregnant?

Smoking in pregnancy is not recommended. It can lead to low birth weight, SIDS, preterm birth, birth defects and more. The NHS offer nicotine replacement therapy to help mums to be to quit smoking.

The NHS website writes: E-cigarettes are fairly new and there are still some things we do not know. However, current evidence on e-cigarettes indicates they are much less risky than smoking. If using an e-cigarette helps you to stop smoking, it is much safer for you and your baby than continuing to smoke.

However, vapes are not available on the NHS. You will only be offered nicotine replacement therapy such as patches and gum.

Is it safe to vape and drive?

Vaping and driving is not illegal. However, if you are distracted by your vape while driving, then you may be prosecuted for driving without care and attention. Make sure that if you are vaping and driving that you don’t need to fill up the tank, change the coil, plug in the charger or do anything else that might distract you from the road.

Don’t drip and drive!

Closing tips for using the safest vapes

  1. Always use the charging cable it came with 
  2. Keep your vape out of very hot and very cold temperatures
  3. Charge the battery correctly 
  4. Never buy a fake!! Authenticate your device on the brand website
  5. If the battery or device is damaged, replace it
  6. If you are using an unregulated mod, make sure you understand it!

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