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Aspire Vape Problems

6 Aspire Vape Problems That Send You Crazy – Fixed 

TLDR: In this guide we talk about all the major Aspire vape problems you’re likely to come across. From gurgles, to spitting, burning tastes, flashing lights and leaks. Read on to find out why you’re aspire vape is causing you problems.


  • Flashing lights relate to low battery or the coil connection has issues. Unscrew it, clean it and replace it. Still not working? It’s probably time for a new coil.
  • Leaks tend to come from cross threaded coil fittings, air gaps from poor connection or the wrong liquid in a bigger coil.

Aspire Vape Kits are known for building quality and great safety features. Which is why they’re one of our best sellers. However, like with everything, sometimes problems crop up.

99 Aspire Vape Problems and the User ‘Aint’ 1

We share some of the most common Aspire vape problems so you can solve the issue quickly and get back to vaping. Question not answered? Drop us a message, hopefully, we will be able to get your problem sorted! 

Why is my Aspire Breeze vape gurgling?

The gurgling of your device will be because there is e-liquid trapped where it shouldn’t be. This is usually in the coil or air tube (chimney) which leads from the coil to the mouthpiece. It will kind of sound like you are sucking a straw.

To help solve this issue, firstly, check the coil is installed properly. If it’s in correctly and snug, then try blowing through the mouthpiece. Hopefully, with a gentle blow, the excess juice will come out of the bottom vents. 

Still gurgling? Take it apart and give it a good clean up. You also need to make sure you are using the correct PG/VG ratio e-liquid for your device. If you have a sub-ohm device you should be using high VG.

Why is my Aspire vape leaking?

This one we can answer with a simple video from our Geek Vape Team at Vape and Juice TV.

Vape juices are made from a selection of products, some are there to make them cloudy, while others to carry the flavour. Here’s a short science explainer on why your Aspire vape pen may be leaking:

Why is my vape spitting?

Your vape spitting liquid out of the chimney through the mouthpiece is usually a sign that you have flooded the coils. 

Take your device apart and remove any excess e-liquid from the centre post. If this is an ongoing issue, then you might want to consider taking smaller inhales or reducing your airflow as this can cause floods. Higher VG e-liquid can also help to prevent this as it is thicker than high PG vape juice. 

Why is my Aspire vape not hitting?

Taking a draw with a fully charged and seemingly working device only to produce no vapour is an annoying one of the Aspire vape problems, to say the least. This could be down to a couple of problems.

Make sure you check that everything is connected tightly. Having something like the coil not properly attached can cause this.

You also want to make sure you have a tank full of e-liquid. If it is running low then there will be nothing to pull into the coil to produce vapour.  Also, pop it on charge and allow it to charge fully so you can rule out a flat battery. 

Aspire vape pen orange light – what does this mean?

An orange light on your device means that it is almost time to charge your kit. It has a maximum of 30% battery left. 

Vape says ‘no atomiser found’ – what does this mean?

No atomiser found will be on the LED screen on your device if your vape isn’t reading the coil. You might need to tighten up the connection between the mod and the device and check that the coil is connected inside the tank. 

If the connection isn’t quite right it will read no atomiser found. Make sure everything is nice and snug and try again. This might mean taking it all apart and putting it back together again.

There are our most often asked questions about aspire vape problems answered. More often than not they can be solved by something very simple. They’re simple to use, but if you are new to vaping you might make a mistake that can cause an issue, like coil flooding, or not screwing everything on quite tight enough. 

If you are having Aspire vape problems that are beyond repair, it might be time for a new one. We have put together a review of the brand themselves here: Best Aspire Vapes

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