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Aspire Review

Review Aspire Vapes

Aspire is a brand we are almost sure you have heard of. They have a large share of the vape market, and space on our products pages. You’ll see them crop up under cloud kits, discrete kits, best for nic salts and starter devices. 

Aspire serves the masses. Newbies to advanced, and everyone in between. Back in the early days of vaping the CE5 tank was the go to. Wow, hasn’t the industry come a long way since then, and Aspire have too.

Here are some of the kits and tanks we will be talking about in the blog today.

Breeze NXT Zelos 2  
Deco kit aspire cleito tank

Who are Aspire?

Aspire is a Chinese vape brand that started up in 2013, just as the vape industry was getting going. They’ve always been a great high street brand, bringing out new and innovative products. 

In fact, their BVC (bottom vertical coils) coils and Nautilus were amongst the first to allow for adjustable airflow. We thank them for that! They’ve come a long way since their CE5 clearomizer days, that much is for sure. 

Best Aspire vape

We’ve seen Aspire products thrive and dive. Some that stand the test of time, such as the Pockex, and others that never really quite got off the ground like the Breeze 2 or Rover 2. 

We’re going to take you through the best Aspire vape kit, mod, pod, tank and pen. We then take the brand head to head with Innokin.

To finish up, we will answer your most asked questions about Aspire and their devices. 

Best Aspire tank

You know what, this is a tough call. What people look for in a tank, Aspire gives. And what’s that? Well us vapers want leak free, good flavour and cloud. Aspire has managed to  nail it in all of those three areas. 

While they aren’t necessarily the best cloud tank, we think Falcon by Horizon Tech might have that, or the best flavour tank, there are probably some rebuildable tank atomisers that win there, they are user friendly.

For a high street, out the box option, then they certainly win on the user friendly aspect – it doesn’t leak! If you’re looking for a sub ohm tank that doesn’t leak, give decent clouds and flavour, then Aspire does a great job. 

The sub ohm tank we think is a great option is the Cleito 120 Pro. It has great flavour, cloud production and doesn’t leak.

When it comes to mouth lung tank, then we rate the Aspire GT Nautilus tank. It is cross compatible with a number of coils (love this – keeps things simple) is top fill, has protected and adjustable glass. 

Best MTL tank aspire
Best Aspire tank cleito pro

Best Aspire pod

Aspire started out with some innovative pods. In fact, when the Breeze came out it was a one of the first pods you could just about use high VG liquids in. Over the years, brands have over taken them in the pod space. But… are they making a comeback with our first choice – the Nautilus Prime X. 

The Nautilus Prime X is a podmod. It is the perfect addition to the advanced or intermediate vapers collection- that being said, there are some great newbie vaper coil options. It’s ideal for for nights out or traveling, without giving you bulky pockets.

This powerful pod has the option to use universal coils as well as RBA and RDTA options. The wide choice of coils also means a wide choice of juices, including PG, VG and even nic salts. 

The external 18650 battery is capable of powering this pod up to 60 watts. The watts and volts are fully customisable. However, if you want to keep things simple,  the auto coil mode takes the thinking out of it and sets the ideal wattage for you. This also helps to prevent you from burning out your coil. 

The Nautilus Prime X will easily fit in your pocket and palm of your hand with its slim design. Whatever type of vaper you are, we think you will love it, it is a really versatile mod. 

Nautilus Prime X

Okay, on to another one we couldn’t leave out of our Aspire review.

We absolutely love the NXT Breeze as one of the Aspire pods. It was in the office when my battery had died and so I filled it up and didn’t expect too much. I was surprised to find how much I loved it. In fact, it’s now never too far away from me! 

It is fast to ramp up, stands, has a little cap to keep dust and lets be honest, pocket fluff, out, great flavour, fully adjustable airflow, 1000mAh battery and 0.8mesh coil for an even vape. 

There are some others on the market, like the Mulus, but in our opinion, it’s not as good as something like the Nord 2 from SMOK (Want to know more about SMOK, we take them head to head with Geekvape in our SMOK review.)

NXT breeze Aspire

Best Aspire mod

I’m going to give a shout out here to the Deco kit, which features the Odan Evo tank. It is new to the market for 2020 and has really caught our attention. It feels really comfortably in the hand, isn’t too boxy or bulky and there aren’t any annoying rattles. 

It seems like a sturdy bit of kit. We particularly like the fact the battery door is a slide to fit and is then secured further with a magnet. 

It takes a single 21700 battery or 18650 and can fire up to either 100W or 80W, depending on the battery you’ve got in. 

The flavour from the Odan coils is pretty rich too. Credit to Aspire for this affordable, sub ohm kit. It’s a really great option for vapers wanting something fairly easy to use, leak free and cloudy, without having to build their own coils.

Best Aspire pen

While the Tigon has been a popular vape pen, with the ability to use both vaping styles, when it comes to lifetime sales Aspire Pockex has to win.

The Pockex has been a kit that has helped so many people get off the cigs. It gives a good throat hit, decent amount of cloud, long battery life and is simple to use. You really can’t knock the Aspire Pockex. 

Aspire Pockex

Aspire Vs Innokin vape

This was a tough one. Both great high street brands that offer a variety of kits for ex smokers and hobbyist vapers. Let’s have a look at Aspire Vs Innokin when it comes to pens, pods, mods and tanks. 

Aspire Vs Innokin Tanks

We came to the conclusion, in the office, that Innokin does some really good MTL tanks. These are perfect for newly ex smokers or those who want the cig like draw and throat hit. The Zenith tank in particular. However, what they don’t set the world alight with is their sub ohm offering. 

Aspire’s sub ohm tanks, such as the Cleito Pro and Odan Evo are much better for the direct to lung, sub ohm vaper. The K1, K2 and K3 tanks are good for MTL if you want to stick with Aspire.

Aspire Vs Innokin pod

Aspire were really innovative when they started bringing out pods such as the Breeze. Then the Breeze 2 came out that didn’t really take off so well. Aspire have more pods and pod mods on the market than Innokin, such as the Mulus, AVP Pro and Breeze NXT.

Innokin’s latest offering does look pretty good though. It is a pod mod with adjustable airflow and the option of MTL or restricted DL vaping styles. It has a 1400mAh battery and a sleek design. 

Could this beat our trusted fave the NXT though? We’re not so sure. 

Aspire Vs Innokin mod

Looking for an MTL mod, then we think Innokin takes the crown. Sub ohm, user friendly mod? Let’s give that trophy to Aspire. 

Innokin could easily be seen as a starter vape brand. While they do have some RTA’s on the market for advanced vapers, the majority are more basic. 

Aspire has both starter vape mods, such as Zelos 2 and K-lite and more advanced ones like the Deco which is a sub ohm, external battery kit.

Aspire Vs Innokin pens

The best way to compare two vape pens, which are much of a muchness, is probably by talking about their sales. The one that has really sold well for years is the Pockex. The Endura series from Innokin and the Jem Pen are nicely built starter kits though, it has to be said. 

Both of these pens are a mouth lung draw, good for nic salts, high PG nicotine juices and even CBD. The thing that might sway you one way is possibly a larger battery life of the Pockex. Other than that, there isn’t much in it.

Are Aspire vapes any good?

Aspire has brought out some fantastic high street entry level and sub ohm kits. For out of the box coils and tanks they do give good flavour and cloud. While they might not be the cloudiest, or the richest in flavour, they can’t be knocked. 

They’re user-friendly, smart looking and leak proof, which is why they continue to be one of the best sellers and top vape brands in the space. Not only have their devices helped people get off the cigs but they’ve also created kits for hobbyist vapers. 

Some of their kits have a few teething issues, such as the Aspire Rover 2, which has an issue with glue melting and the battery door coming undone. Where as others, like the Pockex, have stood the test of time and are still loved to this day. 

How long do Aspire coils last

The coils above 1ohm, such as the Nautilus or Pockex tend to last a few weeks, as long as you don’t mistreat it. Sub ohm coils from Aspire last about 3-5 days, which is pretty average.

If you want your coils to last a little longer, make sure you take good care of them. Read about looking after and cleaning your coils.

Aspire Review 2020
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