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Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit

It's just AMAZING | Vape and Juice TV  | Youtube.

The Aspire NXT Breeze is a great choice for newbies

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit, why buy it?

  • Small and Discreet
  • Solid Choice For Beginners
  • Simple to Set-up
  • Versatile – Can use for all ejuice
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The Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit is a simple and yet quality feeling pod device that is just surprisingly good.

There’s no adjustable wattage or fancy complicated controls. It's a button to fire, a clean dust cap and a good easy inhale with adjustable airflow.

The out of the box coil option for this device is 0.8 ohms. It doesn't let you down, nor do you get chucked a spare useless coil. Both are perfect for all-day vaping. 

You can easily switch up the airflow by opening and closing a side valve. You will be able to enjoy MTL or DTL vaping styles with this pod. 

The pod is refillable with your high VG or high PG eliquids, depending on your coil options and vaping style. The upside of this over say, the Vinci by Voopoo, is that the rubber bung for the pods, doesn't tear and mean you have to replace the pod. It's tip top.

Features of the Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

  • Ideal for new vapers
  • 1000mAh Battery Life
  • Durable feel
  • Airflow Adjustment
  • 2ml refillable pod
  • MTL & DTL vaping
  • Use while on charge

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