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Best MTL Vape | Vape Review

Best MTL Vape | Vape Review

Best MTL device

What is the best mouth to lung vape?

Mouth to lung, or MTL, vape is the type of vaping style that closely replicates smoking. This is due to the way in which you draw the vapour into your mouth, then to the lungs. MTL vape kits come in different shapes and sizes. Some even offer the ability to vape with direct to lung too (DTL), depending on the coil you are using. 

In the early days of vaping, all devices were mouth to lung. As tech has developed and more advanced devices have come to the market, this has changed. MTL devices use a high resistance coil, whereas DTL devices are sub-ohm (below 1ohm). 

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Why people are looking for the best MTL vape

The best mouth to lung vape might appeal to those who:

  • Are new to vaping
  • Want to replicate smoking
  • Like simple devices
  • Those looking to vape high nicotine or nic salts

Advantages of MTL tanks

  • Use less eliquid
  • Can use nic salts 
  • Coil lasts longer
  • Fewer leaks as less airholes
  • Often more portable than sub ohm tanks

Best MTL devices 

Aspire Nautilus GT Kit

This simple to use kit does have a few advanced features.

You can enjoy an extendable tank capacity, fast charging and a removable battery. Having a removable battery will certainly have advantages. You’ll be able to keep two and have one fully charged at all times. Not only that, but a built-in battery will only have a lifespan and will mean the whole device will need replacing. With an external battery you would not need to replace the entire kit if the battery failed.

The Aspire Nautilus GT Kit has adjustable power from 1-75 watts and allows for high VG eliquids with the correct coil. As per EU guidelines the tank hold 2ml of e-juice.

We think you will like this device if you are fed up with leaks, are often away from charge points through the day or if you are looking for something simple to use with high-end features such as adjustable power and airflow. 

Aspire GT Kit


Aspire Rover 2

We’re loving the Aspire Rover 2 vape kit. For one, it has a massive 2200mAh battery, which should keep you going for the day. This one of the best mouth to lung devices and fires up to 40 watts. It has a tank and coil options that can also work with high VG eliquids as well as high PG. The versatile coil choice really opens up your options with this device. 

Considering that it has a large battery, it fits comfortably in the hand and is still pocket-sized. This is one of the best mouth to lung devices as it also offers the ability to make adjustments to ensure you can tailor your vape to how you like it. 

Aspire Rover 2 Blue

Aspire K1 Stealth Kit

The Aspire Stealth kit is super sleek and fits discreetly in the palm of your hand. This mouth to lung vape device has a 1000mAh battery, which is pretty decent for a vape of this size. It measures just 39mm wide and 21mm thick. You can opt for a warm or cool vape, depending on your output, either 8,10 or 12 watts. 

We suggest that you use a high PG e liquid with this device, due to the coil installed. You could also consider nic salts. Nic salts are a type of nicotine vape juice which is said to curb cravings for longer and is on the higher end of the strength.

This one of the best mouth to lung vape kits is super simple to use, stealth and looks great too.

aspire K1

If you are looking for a MTL vape device, remember, you are looking for something that has coil options over 1ohm and a tighter airflow. This type of device is ideal for those who are just quitting smoking and looking to replicate it as close as possible.

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