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Best Vape For High VG


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TL;DR In this guide, we are going to talk about the best vapes for high VG. We’re going to give you a best and a runner up for each category, giving you a few options to choose from. 

Bookmark this page. We will update it every quarter so you know where to go for the best vape for high VG when new tech is released. 

The Blacklist | Best Vape Kits for High VG

Let’s take a dive into the best vapes for high VG. If you know the sort of thing you are after then use the quick links below. 

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What is high VG?

Liquids are made up of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). When there is a high ratio of VG in an e-liquid then it will be cloudier, come in lower nicotine levels and be a thicker consistency. Liquids with a high VG ratio are best suited to sub ohm tanks and kits. 

If you are looking for liquids that suit these kinds of kits hit the link below

Why are vapes different for high VG juice?

VG and PG have different properties. For one, they are different consistencies. PG is runny and if you were to put it in a tank with air holes, like a cloud tank, then it’s going to leak out. 

VG offers less of an intense throat hit than it’s sister, PG, and comes in lower nicotine levels, but larger bottles. 

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of the differences between the types of liquids on the market, read our blog below. 

How we picked our top vapes for high VG

Why trust us to choose the top vapes for high VG? Well, we are an independent retailer. This means we aren’t tied to promote any particular brand or product. Instead, we can give you our real opinions. 

We’ve based our selections on customer reviews, sales, products with a low return rate and other consumer data.

Because we have no affiliation with a brand we can choose the best vapes for high VG that we vape, our customers vape and that we believe are great products. 

Trust us. We’ve got the best vapes for high VG covered. 

Best vape for high VG in pen style | Winner


best vape for high VG pen style

Shop V2 vape pen here >> 

The SMOK V2 vape pen is a direct to lung device. It’s easy to use, vapes great and is the perfect entry to sub ohm vaping.  

It has a built in 1600mAh battery which should easily see you through a day of vaping. There are no adjustable settings on this pen, but it fires up to 60W when fully charged.

The coils in the SMOK V2 are uber low resistance. We’re talking 0.15 ohm, 0.17 ohm and 0.2 ohms. This low resistance is the perfect pairing for high VG. 


  • Simple to use
  • Built in 1600mAh battery
  • Low resistance coils 
  • Adjustable airflow


  • Wattage is not adjustable

Our take 

We really rate the V2 vape pen by SMOK. It is a simple device that suits new sub ohm vapers and experienced cloud chasers. We love the wide bore drip tip and adjustable airflow that makes for a perfect direct to lung hit and cloudy vape.

Best vape for high VG in pen style | Runner up

Twister 30W Kit

best vape for high VG pen style

Shop Freemax Twister 30 W here >>

The Twister 30W is an adjustable wattage pen that is easily the runner up for the best vape for high VG in pen style. It has a 1400mAh battery and can fire up to 30 watts.

The Twister uses low resistance coils which is the perfect combo for high VG. You can also use coils with a resistance above 0.7 ohm, which is best to be used with the high PG options and MTL style. This makes it versatile for the newbie vaper. 


  • Fast charging
  • Adjustable wattage
  • 1400mAh battery
  • Up to 30W


  • Only reaches 30 max watts 

Our take

The Twister 30 W is a really great option if you are using cloudy juices. We love that it is versatile too, allowing you to use high PG if you want to switch between vaping styles. 

If you like pen style in your vaping gadgets then you might like this blog

Best vape for high VG in pod style | Winner

Drag S Pro Kit

best vape for high VG pod style

Buy Drag S Pro Kit >> 

The Drag S Pro kit is a pocket-sized powerhouse. It has a large 3000mAh built in battery and is able to reach up to 80W. 

It’s got all the features you need to win the crown for the best vape for high VG in pod style. Small - check. High wattage - check. Low resistance coils - check. Adjustable airflow - check.


  • Reaches up to 80W
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Coil options below 1ohm 


  • Battery is built in

Our take 

VooPoo has done it again. This is another in the Drag series and it is just as durable, powerful and well made as the rest. The 2ml capacity pod is perfectly paired with high VG juices. 

If you are liking a pocket sized option, check out our blog below

Best vape for high VG in pod style | Runner up

Luxe 80 by Vaporesso 

best vape for high VG pod style

Buy Luxe 80 here >>

The Luxe 80 pod is a small kit that can reach up to 80 watts. It has adjustable airflow and other settings to really customise the vape. The coil resistance is low, starting at 0.2 ohms. This is a great option when using cloudy liquids. 


  • Adjustable watts
  • 2500mAh battery 
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Low coil resistance
  • Direct to lung 


  • Built in battery 

Our take 

The Luxe 80 looks sleek. It’s pocket sized and feels great in the hand. We also love how cloudy it is for such a little pod. 

Best vape for high VG in a box mod | Winner

Legend 2 Kit by Geekvape

best vape for high VG mod style

Buy Legend 2 Kit by Geekvape >>

The Legend 2 kit by Geekvape is certainly a winner for the best vape for high VG in a box mod - well we think so anyway. Its impressive 200 watts is powered by two 18650 batteries. 

It has lots of settings that help you to really get the most from your Vegetable Glycerin based liquids. We’re talking variable wattage and temperature control. It also has adjustable airflow for super cloudy vapes.


  • 200 W
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • Water, dust and shock proof 
  • Large screen
  • Bypass, VV, VW, TC and power curve mode
  • Adjustable airflow 


  • While 30% lighter than the original Aegis Legend, it is a box mod so can feel heavy

Loving mods? You might want to check out our blog below:

Best vape for high VG in a box mod | Runner up

Drag 3 

best vape for high vg mod style

Shop for the Drag 3 here >>

The Drag 3 is a great looking box mod. It was a tough call to decide on the best vape for high VG in a box mod and we thought this one needed a mention.

The Drag 3 is powered by dual 18650 batteries and can reach up to 177 watts. It has modes and features to support cloud vaping, including temperature control, VV, VW, RBA mode, adjustable airflow and low resistance coils. 


  • Up to 177 watts
  • RBA, VV, VW, TC mode
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Dual 18650 batteries 
  • Low resistance coils 


  • Best suited to advanced or intermediate vapers 

Our take 

The Drag 3 uses coils that wick really well and give great cloud production when paired with a liquid with a high ratio of VG. 

The Drag series by VooPoo is one we love and our customers do too. Search Drag in the Vape and Juice search bar and you’ll see all the options in the collection. 

Where to buy the best vape for high VG

If you’re looking to buy the best vapes for high VG then you can buy them online or in store. We have a number of shops all over the UK, check out which of our stores is new to you under the local stores tab. Or buy high VG vape kits (aka sub ohm vape kits) online with free delivery.

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