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T18ii won’t work | Endura T18ii Troubleshooting Guide

The Endura T18ii by Innokin is often a popular choice for newbie and experienced vapers. When you are using this particular device you might run into a few issues. Not all of them are down to the manufacturer, in fact, Innokin is known for quality, well made devices. Instead, your issues might fall under user error.

In this troubleshooting guide we will take you through the main errors we have come across with the Innokin Endura T18ii.

T18 problems 

We have identified 4 main issues that might crop up, use the quick links below to skip ahead:

T18 Leaks 

‘My T18 is leaking’ is an issue we have heard raised a fair amount. When we check the pen for damage or malfunction we usually notice some user errors, including the following:

  • Lost o-ring seals 
  • Juice in the wrong part of the tank
  • Coil fitting incorrectly
  • Bottom metal ring not in properly

If you are someone who is covered in vape juice every time you take a vape, then try troubleshooting your leaking T18 with the following.

  • You might never have noticed those little o-ring seals that keep everything watertight. But, trust us, you’ll notice them if they go walkabouts! Thankfully, in your box you will have some o-ring spares. Pop them back on and you should hopefully see a difference. 
  • Putting the e-liquid in the wrong part of the tank is easily done. If you pour the juice down the mouthpiece or the middle of the coil it is going to act like a straw and find its way into your mouth or pocket. I know it looks simple, but have a look at the instructions before you start filling up your tank.
  • Make sure everything is screwed on properly and connected on the threads. If you have gaps then e juice can easily fall out. 
  • The coils on the T18ii are easy to fit when you know how. If you are new to vaping and fitting coils then it might seem a little more complex. Read the instructions and make sure everything is tight and fitted to avoid any air gaps for liquid to leak out of. 

T18 light is flashing green – why?

The T18 is flashing green because it is trying to tell you something. It is a simple pen without a screen so it is trying to communicate through this green flashing light.

Quite annoying actually. However, we have done some detective work and boil the flashing down to three reasons:

  1. You need to charge it. Okay, so usually the light would flash red, but it’s worth a shot to rule it out.
  2. Your coil is on its last legs. If your coil is dead it will not connect to the circuit. The only way to fix this is to get a replacement. 
  3. Your tank and pen are not connecting. Make sure you have screwed everything in properly. Beware that over time if you tighten this too much, or damage the threading then it might prevent the tank and pen from talking to each other and working. 

T18 battery doesn’t last long

The Endura T18ii has a built in battery of 1300mAh. This isn’t the biggest, but it isn’t bad for a pocket sized, low powered pen.

It should have no problem seeing you through a day. However, if you are noticing it starts to flash red much sooner than that then it might be down to how much you are vaping or that the battery is on its way out.

T18 tastes burnt 

No one likes the taste or smell of a burnt coil. If your coil has been installed a few weeks then the burnt taste might indicate that it is time to swap it out for a new one. The issues come when you have just installed the coil and it is already burnt. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to avoid this happening.

1. Let the wick saturate 

Your coil is made of cotton and metal. The cotton needs to get soaked in the eliquid before you take a puff. If you are too keen and inhale the vapor before the coil has had a chance to absorb the juice then you are in line for a ‘dry hit’.

A dry hit instantly ruins a coil and there is no going back from it. No amount of washing or soaking will remove that burnt taste.

2.Use the correct PG:VG ratio 

Make sure you are using a 50:50 e liquid, or even a 40:60PG such as Vampire Vape which is thinner. The thinner e liquid will absorb into the coil quickly, helping to avoid the dreaded dry hits. 

3. Pause between puffs

I know, you have a 10 minute vape break and want to get as many puffs in as possible before you are called back on shift. However, when you don’t take short pauses between puffs you put yourself at risk of a dry hit. 

If you are struggling to meet your nicotine cravings in a short space of time then try a nic salts e-liquid. These are thin and suitable for low powered pens such as the T18ii. 

The T18ii troubleshooting process 

  1. Identify your issue
  2. Follow our advice above
  3. If the problem is not on our guide, then take it back to where you bought it, they might be able to help. Or, hop on a live chat with us and we can talk through your issue and hopefully get to the bottom of it! 

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