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Where do you store your ejuice

where do you store your juice
As a vaper you have probably built up quite a collection of vape juices, from your all day flavors, to your sometimes flavours. You might also find that you can get some bargains if you buy your vape juice in bulk. Question is, where do you store your ejuice to ensure that it stays fresh and flavourful?

When you are thinking about where to store your ejuice, think cool and dark. Avoid making a mini stockroom on your bedroom windowsill as this will be too warm and bright. Another place that is a big no for storing your e-liquid is your car, it can get pretty hot in there! When your e liquid gets too hot it can cause the flavour to change due to chemical reactions happening in the molecules of the ejuice.

You might consider storing your ejuice in the fridge. Not a bad idea at all, as long as no children could access the fridge and mistake the ejuice for something else. The cool temperature will slow down the oxidation process, keeping the juice fresh.

If you are big on recycling and looking for somewhere to store your vape juice then you’ll be glad to know that glass will keep your ejuice fresher for longer. Where possible chose glass bottles. Vape and Juice are currently offering a bonus point scheme for people who return their plastic vape juice bottles for us to recycle.

When you get a great deal on ejuice and decide to buy in bulk you need to carefully consider where to store your ejuice. Try transfering your e liquid into a glass bottle (if it isn’t already in one) and popping it in the freezer. Freezing will really slow down the oxidation process and when you are ready for the ejuice it will be as fresh as the day you brought it!

When storing your ejuice the main consideration is to keep it away from light and heat to ensure that it stays at its best. Remember, your vape juice will have a shelf life of around 2 years before the flavour starts to go.

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