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Five Tips for Vaping when Traveling

tips for vaping when travelling

You’re jet setting across the world. Visiting as many places as your budget will take you. Looking forward to kicking back on the beach with a tank full of RipeCo Pineapple. 

As a vaper you may be worrying about where you can buy vape juice in bulk for traveling, or whether your battery will last the 7 hour interrail to the next destination, or where you can and can’t take your device out.

In this blog we will give you our top tips for traveling the world with your vape device.

1. Buy in bulk

Before you set off on your travels, make sure you stock up on enough vape juice to last you. Obviously you won’t want to fill up your entire backpack with bottles of juice, but take enough to get you through the first few weeks. You can get some great deals when you buy in bulk, try our offer code of “Summer15” where you can get 15% off when you buy X or more juices.

2. Check the rules

There are some countries where vaping is an absolute no. These countries include, Brazil, Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore and Japan. Most countries apply the same smoking restrictions to vaping, so there will be no vaping anywhere that smoking is banned, such as bars and public spaces. Be sure to research the rules of vaping for every country you are heading to.

3. Buy a portable charger

Get yourself a decent portable charger (not just the one you got free at some work event). These are a great back up for when your battery is low and you’ve still got hours until you reach a plug point.

4. Take spares

Get yourself a back up kit for vaping when you are traveling. Take a spare tank, more than enough coils, another battery and a few charger leads. Get a case to place all of the tools you might need to change coils and fix little faults that might happen while you’re away.

5. Find out if your favourite online UK vape retailer delivers

At Vape and Juice we ship vape products all over the world. If you’re somewhere with no vape shop in sight then head over to our website, place and order to be sent to where you are in the world and we will get it right out to you.

Vape and Juice deliver all over the world and the UK. So wether you are heading to Australia, Romania or Bali, we can deliver the products you need so you can relax knowing exactly where your next vape juice is coming from. 

If your destination is Ibiza, San Antonio then don’t worry! We have a vape shop in the centre of San Antonio, so if you smash your tank while hitting the clubs, we got your back!

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