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best vape mod 2019

Best Vape Mods 2019

Best vape mods of 2019 Which Vape Mods Are Selling Fast?

As the year draws to a close, we look back at the best vape mods 2019. We’ve seen some new arrivals making hay, as well as some much-loved classics continuing to sell out.

In this blog, we take a trip through the best vape mods of the year gone by. You might be on the lookout for your next kit, or maybe you just want to make sure you’ve got all the ones on the list for your kit collection!

Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit

Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit best vape mod 2019

First up on the list of best vape mods 2019 is Innokin Zenith mod. This is Vape and Juice Canvey’s fave kit, and we can see why. It is easy to fill from the top, fully adjustable and has all day and all night battery life with a built-in 2000mAh battery.

This mouth to lung kit is a solid device with a 75-watt capability. It has variable wattage and temperature control features, making it fully adjustable. 

You have various coil options with the Zenith, including titanium, nickel, and stainless steel. You will be sure to enjoy great clouds as well as delicious flavor with this device.

SMOK Alien

best vape mod 2019

The SMOK Alien might have been out a while now, however it is still one of the best selling vape mods of 2019. It is a kit that is in high demand, all over the world. 

Vapers love the massive clouds, produced by the maximum 220 watts and temperature control. It is an ideal kit for building your own coils, with compatible wires being Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel and the fact that you have great control over the device.

The SMOK Alien has a large LED display. The display shows all the information you need to tailor your vape as well as see battery life and more. 

This kit uses 2 18650 batteries, which help to give the device that power. You will need to buy these separately as they do not come with the kit. 

We think, like so many others, you will love the SMOK Alien. It’s a solid kit that fits comfortably in the hand. If you like things cloudy then this is one to try.


best vape mod 2019

So we move on to a smaller device, the SMOK RPM40. You might be thinking “nothing that small could be a mod!”. Well, you’re wrong.

The “Real Pod Mod” is the ideal pocket-sized mod. It is a sub-ohm kit that allows you to use high VG e-liquids and produce great flavour and cloud.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the battery won’t last, just because its a small device. The RPM 40 has a 1500mAh battery, which should last you the day, if not longer. When it is time to charge it, you’ll enjoy the fast charge functionality.

Tell us what you think

There are just a few of the best vape mods 2019. There are still a few months left of the year, so who knows what else could make the list by December.

Tell us what your favorite mod is when you chat to us on Facebook. If you have a fave that we don’t currently stock or that didn’t make the list, message us and let us know why you think it should be on our shelves and this list. 

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