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How to Clean your Vape Coils

How to Clean your Vape Coils

How to clean vape coils

How to keep your vape coils clean

You’ve got a new flavour, you love it and you’ve been vaping like a steam train. The result? Your coil is burning out quicker than ever. Coils aren’t expensive to replace, however, if you are away and in need of a coil ASAP, or if you are just trying to cut down on your spending then it might be a good idea to know how to clean your coils.

Cleaning coils will save you money and from that nasty burnt coil taste. This method of cleaning vape coils can be used on pretty much all coil heads on the market at the moment.

How do I know if my vape coil needs cleaning/changing?

  • Visible gunk on the coil
  • Vape flavour is reduced
  • Vapour production is reduced
  • Tighter draw
  • Vape tastes burnt or “off”

How long should my coil last?

This depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How often you vape
  • The type of eliquid you are using 
  • Power/Wattage used - 3.7 volts is the sweet spot to help your coils last longer

Here’s how to clean your vape coils to get them tasting a little fresher, even when they’re on their last legs:

What you need:

  • Ceramic bowl
  • Your grubby coil head
  • Grain alcohol 
  • Paper towel 

How to deep clean your vape coils 

  • Rinse the coil head in cold water 
  • Brush gently with a toothbrush or coil cleaning tool
  • Place the coil head in the bowl and fully cover with the alcohol
  • Leave the coil head to soak for 12 hours, you will notice that over time the alcohol turns brown as it has pulled out the gunk from the coil
  • Rinse the coil under the hot tap for a couple of minutes then leave in a bowl of water for a few hours, before rinsing off again
  • Wrap your coil in a paper towel and blow through it to remove any excess water from the coil head
  • Leave the coil to dry overnight. Make sure it is completely dry before you reassemble your kit
  • Reassemble your device, fill her up, let the juice soak in and take a puff

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Why clean vape coils?

Cleaning your vape coils could well get an extra week or two out of them. A coil that is gunked up is going to reduce the flavour and vapour production, it can even make your vape taste burnt. 

Keeping good coil hygiene will, therefore, prevent you from having to keep buying coils when actually, maybe they just need a good clean!

What if cleaning my coil didn’t work?

If you have cleaned your coil properly and you are still noticing a reduction in flavour and vapour, then it might be time for a new coil. Coils generally last around 2 weeks, depending on how much you vape and how you take care of them. When you install your new coil, make sure you take care of it, avoiding dry hits and gunk build up and it should last a little longer.

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