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Review: What is the MYLE Vape like?

We unbox the MYLE vape

Becky Spencer-Davies, 08/05/2019 


e were sent a new pod kit to try, called MYLE, which is pronounced my-lee. We’ve tried and reviewed lots of pod systems here at Vape and Juice, and we think this one is pretty decent. If you're not into reading then scroll down to watch our video review of the MYLE.

Pods allow you to vape a higher nicotine content as the e-liquid that is well suited is nic salts. In America nic salts go up to a massive 50mg, in the UK it is limited to 20mg. Some pods are refillable such as the SMOK Nord, whereas others like the JUUL are not. People enjoy the convenience of pods as they are easy to use, most don't require coils and they are well suited for nic salts.

Unboxing the MYLE

We were sent the black MYLE, however it comes in royal blue, hot pink, gunmetal grey, hot red and white.

The MYLE starter kit comes with 4 different flavour pods, to give you chance to try them out. In the box you will also find an instruction booklet, a micro USB charging cable and the device itself.

One thing we particularly loved with the MYLE was the fact that it comes with a micro USB connection. Some kits we have had, such as the JUUL, come with their own cable. Obviously when this is lost you then have to buy a new one from the company, something that is annoying, unnecessary and expensive. If you’re like me then you’ve probably got a draw of perfectly good micro USB cables ready to go!

Thumbs up for that one MYLE.

More Features

Another feature of the MYLE that we like is that it has a battery display in lights. Once the pod is connected the four battery lights glow to show you how much charge remains in the device. This is needed so that you don't unexpectedly run out of power.

The liquids in the pods are actually decent too. The tobacco one is probably up there is the best we’ve tried. While these pods are not refillable, you can find videos online for how to hack the pods and add your own e-juice. This opens up more flavours for you.

It is sleek, with a rubber coating. The pod fits nicely into the hand and is really easy to use. No fire buttons to worry about, just draw on the mouth piece.

The MYLE retails at around £20-25. We have found it for £18 but that is with a three week delivery. This is a reasonable price for a kit such as this one.

This kit would be perfect for someone just quitting smoking who wants an easy and discrete device. The tobacco flavour would also be a nice transition.
Check it out for yourself and see what you think in our MYLE review video.

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