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CBD in Camberwell – where to shop

While CBD may seem like something new to the scene it has been around for thousands of years as alternative medicine.

More recently it has become much more popular within the health and wellness space with new research on the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes coming out. There are also new ways to take CBD, such as vaping, which is a relatively new method.

What is CBD, is it legal and where sells CBD in Camberwell?

In this blog we are going to answer some of the most common questions we are asked, what is CBD?, is CBD legal? and where sells CBD in Camberwell?

Let’s start with where it comes from and what it is

Full spectrum CBD oil

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, comes from the cannabis plant.

It is this which makes people believe CBD to be something that is illegal. But really it is one of the hundred chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant.

You may have heard of THC, which is another compound found in the plant, THC, however, is very different from CBD. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant which will get you high and is illegal here in the UK.

Is CBD legal?

Full spectrum CBD oil

Cannabis Vape liquid such as the item above, with no THC is not illegal.

In the UK you can legally buy, sell and take CBD.

CBD does not contain the psychoactive part of the plant in any large quantity and is therefore legal.

In full-spectrum you would find around 0.3% CBD at a maximum, compared to a rolled marijuana cigarette which contains around 18% THC. Hence, it will not get you high.

Why CBD?

Full spectrum CBD oil

CBD is used for a large number of different conditions, both physical and mental.

You can use CBD to reduce pain and inflammation, to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and cancer, to help with epilepsy and Parkinson’s, to name a few.

There is a great deal of research into CBD and how it helps certain conditions. Have a read of our feature piece on the purported benefits of CBD.

Where can you buy CBD in Camberwell?

You can buy CBD in Camberwell at Vape and Juice.

Vape and Juice is just a short walk from Camberwell to Elephant and Castle, or you can take the tube or a bus which will get you there in no time.

CBD is also for sale online and at a number of high street stores. If you can’t buy CBD in Camberwell because you can’t get to Elephant and Castle then visit our online store where you can buy a variety of CBD products.

All of our items are free delivery and if you are a new customer you can take advantage of our 10% off when you use welcome10 code at the checkout.

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