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Best CBD Vape Oils UK For 2023

TLDR: The best CBD vape oil is what you are going to want to know about if you think vaping CBD is right for you. In this article, we review some of the best CBD vape oils in 2021 and 2022, taking into account flavour, potency, needs and reputation.

Here’s what we will be chatting about in this best list. In a rush? Heard some of it before? Use the quick links below to get to the bit you care about:

What is CBD vape oil?

We have so much content on this, so I’m going to keep it brief and point you in the direction of where you can learn more. On a basic level, CBD vape oil is a vape liquid suitable for your low powered vape kits that is made up of VG, PG, flavourings and of course Cannbidiol (CBD). 

Want an audio guide to what it is?

Vape devices heat CBD vapes at low temperatures and turn it into vapor, which is inhaled. This is rapidly absorbed into the body via the bloodstream. The effects may be felt almost instantly because of the bio-availability and may last around 1-3 hours. 

Green Gadget Advice: What’s The Best CBD Vape Kit?

If you are looking to learn a little more about the cannabinoid, head over to History of CBD where we get right down into the details.

How to choose CBD vape oil?

Selecting the best CBD vape juice means taking into account a few things:

  1. Potency– You might think you are getting a great deal when you buy a large 50ml bottle of CBD, however if it only contains 250mg that is a very low % of the cannabinoid.  
  2. The reputation of the seller/brand – Each seller needs to be able to show a certificate of analysis to prove what is in the vape juice.
  3. Purity – The certificate of analysis should be able to tell you about purity. It should also be able to prove that you are buying exactly what you planned to be buying and they’re not fobbing you off with hemp oil. 
  4. Flavour – Some juices are authentic cannabis flavours, others on vape like tastes, such as strawberry and bubblegum. 

There are mistakes that we see new cannabinoid vapers make too often. These include:

  • Using a massive tank and coil for sub ohm vaping – Most CBD e-liquids are PG base which means they can leak out of these kits. High powered devices can also overheat and degrade the cannabinoid.
  • Getting hemp seed oil mixed up with CBD oil – these are different things. Hemp seed is a good oil, but it contains zero THC.
  • Buying a massive bottle with low cannabinoid concentration levels – This will mean the ratio is very low. 
  • Adding nicotine to CBD – this degrades your CBD
  • Vaping oil (DO NOT do this!!)

Best CBD E-liquid

CBD vape oils come in different strengths, then there is also whether they contain terpenes too. Terpenes exist within the plant world and have been used for years as a way to help with conditions and ailments. 

Broad and full spectrum CBD contains terpenes due to the method of extraction being less aggressive. CBD isolate contains just CBD. You can learn more about these powerful compounds in the video below. 

We look at the best CBD vape oil which might help ease your issues as well as some that really taste great.

Best CBD vape oil for anxiety

If you suffer from anxiolytic conditions then you might find vaping Dutchie Originals Purple Haze full spectrum CBD a relief. This contains 2.5% CBD with 5% terpenes.

These compounds work towards having the entourage effect. Purple Haze has a relaxing and mood enhancing terpene profile, which may be an ideal way to help you relax and reduce anxiety. 

Purple Haze best cbd for anxiety

Best CBD vape oils for anxiety

OG Kush by Green House Terpenes is based on the cannabis strain of the same name. It is thought to help with muscular relaxation, which may help reduce pain and inflammation.

There’s an urban legend that gang members use this cannabis strain because of high levels of CBD to help with gunshot wounds – who knows where the truth is in this, but it’s a good story! 

OG Kush best cbd vape juice

Best CBD vape oils for clouds

If you are looking for a fluffy CBD vape you might have to dig around. This is because typically they are high PG. This means that they are discrete and best suited to your low powered pods and starters. However, you can get cloudy CBD when you go for Big Fat CBD which is an e-fluid with 70% VG and 100ml containing 2000mg CBD.

Big fat CBD high VG cbd juice

Best Cannabis Flavour CBD vape oil

If you are looking for an authentic cannabis flavour then check out Green House Terpenes. This is a full spectrum brand which means it contains terpenes and trace amounts of THC (not enough to get you high or be illegal though!)

We love the range of authentic cannabis flavours, from Gorilla Glue to OG Kush. These earthy, woody and rich flavours will feel very authentic on your tastebuds. 

Gorilla Glue authentic CBD vape juice

Best CBD ejuice for fruit flavour

Vape flavours more your thing? Then you’ll want to know about the best CBD vape oils for fruity flavours. We love CBD IBZ.

Not only for the sweet flavours, but also the fact it contains 200mg of CBD isolate per 10ml. That’s a pretty decent ratio.  

CBD vape juice CBD IBZ

Best CBD vape oil for strength

420 inc from CBD IBZ is an e liquid with an authentic pine Hundu Kush flavour. It contains 420 mg of CBD per 10ml. It is one of the authentic cannabis flavours, so if you’re into that, then we think you’ll like this one. 4.2% CBD is a juice higher on the strength scale too, which is ideal for you if you have a high tolerance to the cannabinoid. 

If this isn’t strong enough for you, then you might look at building your own CBD juice. You could do this using the additive we talk about next. 

420 inc vape juice high strength

Best CBD vape additive shot

You don’t actually have to buy CBD vape oils. You can just add a vape shot to what you already think is the best vape juice. However, there is one caveat here. That is to not add it to a nicotine e liquid. You can just top up your favorite regular freebase juice with this, allowing you to choose your own ratio.

CBD vape shot additive

If you wanted to get really bespoke, then you could always buy your own PG, VG and flavourings, add this CBD and make your own from scratch. 

We share a recipe for how to make your own CBD vape juice here.

Disposable vs refillable CBD vape oils

Disposables are devices or pods pre-loaded with your CBD, the downside of using these is that you have to throw them out each time they run out. However, they are usually cheaper initially. 

Buying a vape device and liquid refill bottles has a higher cost to start with, however, in the long run it is cheaper as you refill your tank. 

Each comes in various strengths and flavours to choose from. 

What dose should I vape?

If you are new to CBD you might not know what your tolerance is. Each person will have their own tolerance, so you can’t compare yourself to your friends. Instead, start low and build it up. This way you can see how it makes you feel before upping the dose. 

We have something for you | CBD Dosage Calculator

The best CBD vape oils, final thoughts

The best CBD vape oil is a combination of the following:

  • How it works for you
  • The flavour 
  • Strength and liquid to CBD ratio
  • Whether it contains terpenes for an additional boost

Make sure you check out our guide to everything for a CBD vape beginner. These are things that we have seen (and done ourselves) and you can save yourself some cash by avoiding doing these things too. 

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