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How to make CBD vape juice

In this article, we are going to take you through the steps for how to make CBD vape juice. You might fancy yourself as a bit of a science type, or maybe even Walter White and quite like the idea of putting on your lab coat and mixing up your own blend.


How can I make CBD vape juice

Can you vape CBD oil?

Can you vape CBD oil is a question that comes up quite often. This is because things get a little blurred and confused around the names. This is an industry-wide issue, so make sure you know you are buying vape juice and not actually oil.

Here are the different names and what they mean 

CBD oil – these are tincture drops and are designed to be taken orally

CBD vape oil – these are products which are designed to be vaped, despite the fact it has oil in the title, it is not oil.

CBD e-liquid/vape juice – these are designed to be vaped. It is the proper name for vaping CBD though vape oil and eliquid are often used

So the answer is no. You can’t vape CBD oil which comes in the form of tincture OIL drops.

Why make your own CBD vape juice

You might decide to make your own CBD vape juice if you want complete control over your CBD vape. This means you control the flavour, the cloud, the strength and the terpenes you want. 

Having a product perfectly suited to you and your tastes might take a little more effort, however, the end results could well be worth it. The after product may also work out that little bit cheaper in the long run as you can batch make and store.

What do you need to make your own vape juice from CBD isolate?

To make your own CBD vape juice you will need a few things. Some you should have knocking about the kitchen, other equipment might mean a quick visit to ebay or Amazon, and of course, Vape and Juice.

You can buy your isolate and terpenes at a CBD dispensary. 

  • A sensitive gram scale 
  • A clean and sterile container 
  • Funnels, spoons and stirrers 
  • Bottles to store the e liquid 
  • Pestle and mortar (or you can use a rolling pin and bowl!)
  • A low level heat source such as a pan of warm water or a radiator
  • Your chosen terpenes for flavour and effect 
  • CBD isolate – this should be a white powder or translucent slabs 
  • Vape juice – either unflavoured VG and PG vape juice fluid in your chosen ratios. If you are using a premade juice, make sure there is 0mg nicotine

what do you need to make CBD ejuice

How to make CBD vape juice

Right, so you’ve got your equipment ready. Your white lab coat on. You are ready to go. Now… where do you start. Follow our step by step guide for how to make CBD vape juice to make sure you nail it and perfect your own personal blend.  Before you get started you need to do a little maths.

Firstly, you want to decide how big your bottles of vape juice are going to be, and what the % of that will be CBD. Here’s where you need to really think about your ratios.

You could create a 100ml bottle of eliquid, however, if you add 500mg of CBD this gets quite heavily diluted to if you had a 10ml bottle with 500mg of CBD. It is important to take this into consideration as it is a CBD vape mistake that we see too often. More on this in the video below. 

Along with your CBD volume, you also need to decide your ratio of VG and PG. In brief, VG creates clouds and is good for direct lung inhale, whereas PG is more like a traditional smoking experience with an MTL inhale.  You can get down into the detail on our blog Ultimate Guide to Vaping.

Most often, CBD e liquid is made up of 50/50 of PG/VG. However, when you make your own you have the option to add more VG if you are after something a little cloudier. 

One thing to note here is to make sure your ratio is going to work with your device. If you have a basic pod or pen, you will want to go no higher than 50% VG. If you have a larger tank then you can go higher, just make sure you don’t heat it to above 200 degrees when vaping.

Okay, enough housekeeping… let’s get into how to make CBD vape juice

  1. Measure out your chosen amount of CBD on your gram scales then crush it up using your pestle and mortar or home improvisation. Set aside. 
  2. Decide on your ratios of VG and PG, measure out your bottles and leave them close to a radiator or in a bowl of warm water (with the lids on obvs) for about an hour
  3. Empty the CBD isolate into the warmed up vape juice until it is fully dissolved
  4. Time to add the flavour! This comes in the form of terpenes. You will only need a few drops of your chosen terpenes as they are very concentrated. As a guide, you might add 0.5ml of terpenes for every 10ml of vape liquid
  5. Leave your newly created CBD eliquid in a cool, dry place for 2 days to allow the flavour to steep

How to put CBD in your vape juice

You can try the above with your own VG and PG blend, or you can add your CBD isolate powder to ready-made eliquid. This might be your choice if you don’t want to create from scratch completely, or you are happy with the e liquid flavour you have.

You just need to make sure that you don’t add CBD isolate to nicotine eliquid. This degrades the CBD, making it pointless and a waste of money. 

Homemade vs shop brought CBD vape oil


  • More control over your product 
  • You choose flavour
  • You can select perfect strength and PG/VG ratio
  • Cheaper to buy raw materials and make in bulk
  • Could make it wrong and potentially waste your CBD

Shop brought 

  • Regulated
  • Available in different flavours  
  • Various strengths to choose from
  • Don’t have to buy large bottles of VG and PG
  • No cost of other equipment such as funnels and juice bottles
  • Easy and convenient

Will CBD get me high?

It doesn’t matter how much CBD you add to your homemade blend, it will not get you high. This is because it doesn’t contain THC – the intoxicating cannabinoid. 

Why add terpenes to your homemade CBD vape oil?

Terpenes add flavour to your homebrew, but that is not all. You’ll find terpenes in lavender, pine trees, orange peel, black pepper and so many more. They’ve long been used as alternative remedies, additives to your cleaning products and cosmetic items. 

They have their own individual aromas and potential benefits. When you add these to your CBD isolate you create a broad spectrum CBD. This means that it contains terpenes too. 

Having your terpenoids along with your CBD is thought to create the entourage effect, where different cannabis compounds work together.

Currently, it is a theory which is supported by a small amount of research. However, there have been lots of anecdotes from cannabis enthusiasts who experiment with different terpenes and cannabinoid blends. 

All the ingredients you need to make your own CBD vape juice can be found at Vape and Juice or CBDStar – except the optional lab coat and goggles. We don’t sell those, but you could always order one elsewhere if you really want to look the part. 

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