Pay with Bitcoin at Vape and Juice

Becky Saunders

Pay with bitcoin and altcoins at the online Vape and Juice shop

At Vape and Juice we are now accepting payments through Bitcoin for everything in our online store. Bitcoin is a safe and flexible way for customers to pay for vape products, both in the UK and overseas. Buy your vape devices, juices and accessories with all cryptocurrencies such as Litepay, Ethereum and Bitcoin. We use Bitpay and Coinbase Commerce to offer a range of ways to pay with bitcoin or altcoins for vape and ecig products online.

Chances are if you are looking to buy vape equipment with Bitcoins, you already have a pretty good understanding them. Here’s a quick round up for those who don’t know:
What are Bitcoins?
Bitcoin is the first decentralised digital currency, working without a bank or single administrator. The worldwide payment system and cryptocurrency which allows transactions to take place between peers directly. It is a secure and instant way to transfer money between two people.  
At Vape and Juice we wanted to give our customers more flexibility with payment methods and have therefore introduced paying with Bitcoin. Customers can purchase vape goods anywhere in the world using the cryptocurrency, and will rest assured that it is safe and secure.  
There are many benefits of using Bitcoin to make payments online for items such as vape devices. One being that your Bitcoin account wouldn’t be tied to any third party institution, can’t be frozen and has much lower transaction fees than credit cards.
Bitcoin is a very secure way to pay at Vape and Juice. With 1000 of miners (computers running software) to ensure the safety of the cryptocurrency. This is a network that has never been hacked.  If you’ve been told that retailers aren’t taking Bitcoin, you’ll be glad to know that here at Vape and Juice we are welcoming purchases with the cryptocurrency.
Start spending!
So if you are asking any of the following questions:
  • Where can i spend bitcoin online
  • Can I buy vape juice with bitcoin online
  • Where to spend altcoins online in the UK
  • Do any vape shops take Ethereum
  • Where can I spend litecoin

Then you are in luck. Click the Vape and Juice logo at the top of the screen to head back to our home page and beginning shopping for vape and ecig kits and juice online.

If you want to pay with Bitcoin or Altcoins, such as Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, simply add to basket, get to checkout and click on your favoured cryptocurrency merchant. Now theres a smarter way to buy vape kit online using bitcoin and other altcoins.

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