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Does vaping make you smell

Does vaping smell?

TLDR: Does vaping smell like cigarettes? No, vaping doesn’t leave behind the stale smell that smoking cigarettes does. Although vaping isn’t odourless, the scent won’t linger on your clothes or make your house stink. The vapour usually smells like the flavour of the e-liquid being used, which can be fairly pleasant unless the coil is burnt, you’ve had a dry hit, or you’re vaping red astaire around my wife and she will tell you it smells like cat’s wee. Me, I love Red Astaire.


  • If you’re planning to vape inside the house, a smaller device like a pod vape is recommended.

  • Leakage and using the wrong e-liquid can also cause some smell. It is suggested to keep the device upright and use a proper e-liquid.

Does vaping make your house smell

Does vaping make your clothes and house smell like cigarettes do?

If you are a smoker or an ex smoker then I don’t need to tell you that smoking stinks. It makes your clothes, breath, car and house smell. When you are a smoker, you might not be able to notice this as much as you will when you quit. According to the NHS UK, secondhand cigarette smoke smells can linger indoors for up to 5 hours, so imagine that scent to others if it’s a frequent occurrence.

Now you’re thinking about becoming a vaper and you are wondering, does vaping smell? Will it make your clothes smell? 

The smell of vaping

Vaping will free you from that stale smell that smoking cigarettes leave behind. However, vaping isn’t odourless, but the scent won’t hang around and you’ll probably find the occasional whiff of vanilla custard, or whatever you’re filling your tank with, pretty nice anyway.

The smell won’t cling to your clothes or make your house stink, but it can have a scent about it that is sometimes nice, and sometimes not so much.

When might vaping smell not so nice?


Vaping might smell pretty nasty if your coil is burnt. So, make sure you replace your coil regularly and soak the wicks before you take a hit. Failing to soak your coils can burn them out before you’ve even got any real use from it.  The burnt smell from vaping won’t last long, it might just hang in the air for a little bit. It’s called a dry hit in the industry.

Make sure you keep your coils clean, you can find out how to do this here >


99% of the time the vapour will smell like the flavour. However, I have had a friend who had a liquid that actually smelled of sour milk. Most of the time though the smell is pretty inviting. Some smell good enough to eat or make you crave some pudding.

Chances are you probably vape at home and fill the room with a fog of vapor, this will all disperse and the smell will be gone in just a couple of minutes. Imagine doing that with ciggies. The smell would cling to the curtains, the carpet and everything in between. Vapor is less dense than cigarette smoke so as long as the area is ventilated, there will be no problem with the fog and the smell escaping completely.

Will vaping make my clothes smell?

The smell of the vape can linger for a little while in an unventilated room, particularly if you have a big cloud chaser of a device. However, if you enjoy the flavour of your e-liquid then chances are you will like the smell too.

Vaping will not leave that horrible stale smoke smell that clings to clothes, curtains, drapes, carpets and walls. This is a great thing about vaping. As a non smoker, there is nothing worse than going in a lift or meeting room with someone who has been smoking tobacco.

One way vaping might make you smell is if it leaks in your pocket. Make sure you keep your device upright and screwed on properly. Another way to avoid leaks is to ensure that you are using the correct e-liquid in your kit. PG is thinner than VG and will, therefore, be more prone to leaking out of some devices.

Will vaping make my house smell?

If you decide to vape inside the house and the room isn’t very ventilated, then you might find that it smells of the flavour you have in your tank. You might decide to only vape outside, particularly if you have a big cloud chasing kit that fills the room!

How to stop vapes smelling up a room

Want to be double sure you stop vapes stinking up a room, or creating a smell that lingers?Your best option is to buy a smaller device which produces fewer cloud but you still get a decent vape. Check out pod vapes which should be perfect for in the house but also as a smaller option to have in your pocket for nights out.

Here are a few pod kits we’re liking right now:


So, there you have it, a long winded way to say ‘No, you won’t smell if you vape’ at least not really. Now, if you were on the fence about whether to quit smoking and start vaping, surely a great reason is that you’ll no longer have an odour following you around, or dealing with the price of those stinkies too.

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