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THC Oil - Is it legal to vape?


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Vaping cannabinoids and cannabis

Why you should stay clear of vaping THC oil 

THC oil has been hot on the press this year. You might have ready about it online, or in the newspaper. Unfortunately, THC oil has been tied in with vaping, as people have been vaping the cannabinoid. Vaping this oil has had some pretty terrible consequences. 

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What is THC oil?

Within the cannabis plant there are many cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The most common ones that you’ll likely know about are CBD and THC. THC is the cannabinoid that has psychoactive effects and causes users to feel “high”. Smoking or vaping THC can cause hallucinations, hunger, giggling, confusion and sometimes sickness. 

What is Cannabis oil

THC oil can be extracted from the cannabis plant, just as CBD oil is. However, in many countries, THC is illegal, due to its mind-altering effects. CBD oil is often legal, as it doesn’t have these same effects. 

Why are people dying from vaping THC oil?

can you vape THC

The reason why THC oil and vaping have been in the news is due to people getting lipoid pneumonia or “mysterious lung disease” from vaping it. This has caused vaping to get bad press, whereas the issue isn’t the vape, but what they are vaping. 

Oil is not meant to be inhaled. It is not soluble in water and therefore will not move through your body well. Due to this, the oil gets caught in your lungs, causing issues such as lipoid pneumonia. 

Not only is oil unsafe to inhale, THC is illegal. Due to its legal status it will be brought as an unregulated product. No one has done any safety checks or looked into exactly what is in it. Who knows if the person you brought it from hasn’t added something extra to make it go further? 

What part of the cannabis plant can I vape? 

Vape THC oil

If you are looking to vape cannabinoids to help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, autism or menopause symptoms, then we suggest CBD. CBD e-liquid is specially made and can be vaped, it is not oil!

CBD e-liquid contains PG and VG along with flavourings and CBD. It is designed to move through your vape device and your lungs too. 

You might notice that some CBD brands contain trace amounts of THC. This is within the legal limit (0.2%) and will not have any psychoactive effects. The reason why THC is present in full-spectrum CBD is due to the way it is extracted. The extraction process on this type of CBD is less aggressive in order to maintain terpenes. 

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You can find CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD, both of which contain 0% THC.

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What are terpenes?

Terpenes are found within the plant world. Terpenes have their own benefits and when used in conjunction with CBD they have the entourage effect. You might opt for full or broad-spectrum CBD if you want to have some added benefits from this plant matter, such as pain relief, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and more.

We advise that if you want to vape a cannabinoid, that you vape CBD e-liquid, not THC oil.


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