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Best CBD vape oil

CBD Vape oil UK - What CBD is best?

 CBD Vape oil UK

CBD Vape Oil UK | Which should you choose?

CBD, cannabidiol, has been around for thousands of years. It isn’t a new thing, however, it has become more mainstream in the last year or so. Today, there is more research into the cannabinoid and you can buy it from the high street, health food shops, pet shops and online.

 What is CBD vape oil

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. During the extraction, process oils are collected, which contain the CBD as well as other items, such as terpenes. 

Once extracted, CBD oil can be made into different products, such as tea, edibles, capsules, gummies, tincture oil drops and CBD vape oil, also called CBD eliquid. it is important to mention that CBD vape oil is NOT oil. It is a specially formed ejuice.

CBD is legal in many countries as it contains either the legal amount of THC or none whatsoever. THC is the cannabinoid that has psychoactive effects, which you may have heard of before. THC is the compound that makes cannabis illegal in many places. As CBD contains less than 0.2% THC, which will not get you “high”, it is often legalized. 

CBD eliquid contains the usual base ingredients of all vape juices.

  • PG

  • VG

  • Flavourings

  • CBD 

In CBD e-liquid you will not find nicotine. Nicotine degrades the cannabinoid so it is best to keep them separate. 

You will also not find as much VG as you would in other e-liquids. This is because VG is thicker and would make the liquid too dense when combined with the CBD. Instead, it is a high PG base. This high PG base means that you will be best to use a starter kit or basic pod rather than something with lots of airflows which can cause leaks. 

Is vape oil, oil?

CBD vape oil is NOT oil. You should never put your oil drops in your vape device. Oil isn’t designed to move through a vape device or your lungs, so make sure you only vape CBD e-liquids. 

You may have heard of cases of lipoid pneumonia in America this year, also known as the Mystery Lung Disease. This was due to people vaping THC oil. THC is illegal in most countries, which indicates that this unregulated product could have contained other ingredients. However, inhaling the oil is dangerous enough. Watch our video on the news stories. 

Make sure you never put CBD oil in your vape device! Read about the dangers of vaping oils on our blog >>

Why would you vape cannabidiol?

CBD vapourizes at around 200 degrees, which is ideal for a vape device. Vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the cannabinoid. When you inhale the vapour it makes its way into your bloodstream via the tiny capillaries in your lungs. The effects are said to take place within minutes. Compare this to eating CBD edibles, and you might be waiting for around 30 minutes or more, depending on your metabolism.

Using CBD vape oil is very simple and discreet. Because of the base of the e-liquid and the type of device you will use, you will not be blowing huge clouds. The devices are starter kits or pod devices and are very simple to operate. However, some are a little more complex than others. 

CBD may have a calming effect. This might be ideal for someone with a super stressful job, or someone who just wants to keep their anxiety at bay. In fact, CBD has been known to help control epileptic seizures, spasms, calm anxiety and soothe chronic pains. It also shows promise as an antioxidant, anti-depressant, anti-tumour agent and an anti-psychotic.

A little science…

There’s some really interesting science that looks at why CBD makes you relaxed and has these other effects on your body. This is from the website.

“CBD seems to tap into this balancing system to produce its therapeutic effects. CBD is able to interact with cells in our bodies because the molecule has a similar composition to similar chemicals that the human body produces naturally, called endocannabinoids.”

Does CBD vape oil contain terpenes?

When you buy full-spectrum CBD vape oil you will have the added benefits of terpenes. Terpenes have their own therapeutic benefits which work in synergy with the cannabinoid. You will also find less than 0.2% THC in full-spectrum vape oils, which is within the legal limit and will not have psychoactive effects. At Vape and Juice, we sell The Green House and Dutchie Originals, which are known for its quality terpenes profile. 

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What device is best for vaping cannabidiol?

selection of devices

Vaping CBD vape oil requires a small device. If you currently vape and have a large tank and mod, then you will want to put your CBD vape oil in a smaller kit. As we have mentioned, this is due to the fact that it is made up of a high PG base, which is much runnier than VG. As a result of using a large tank, your e-liquid will leak all over your hands, pocket, and bag. An expensive leak too. 

We recommend that you use a basic device for your CBD vape ejuice. Here are a few devices that are ideal for vaping cannabinoid e-liquid.

1. Aspire Breeze 

Aspire Breeze 2ml tank Blue

The Aspire Breeze kit is a small and sleek device. It has a 650mAh battery, which is quite good for the size of the device. You will need to refill the 2ml pod with CBD vape oil that you buy separately. The Aspire Breeze takes replaceable coils for the pods. They are easy to change and will save you money in the long run. 

2. Ignite One CBD

ignite One CBD vape Kit

Ignite One CBD vape pen is a rechargeable pod device. This kit is very easy to use, with no buttons and no need to change coils or top-up e-liquid.

However, this can make things a little more expensive as you will need to replace pods more often than you would buy a bottle of CBD vape juice. If you are looking for something very simple, this might be for you. 


green smok nord

The SMOK Nord is a neat little pod device, ideal for CBD vaping. It has a good size battery for a pod kit, which means you shouldn’t get stuck short with a low battery when you are out and about. The SMOK Nord comes in various colours and is perfect for discreet vaping.  

Aspire Pockex

Aspire Pockex

The Aspire Pockex is a great little device, that fits well in the pocket and the hand. It is super simple to use, with just a fire button to worry about. You fill your tank up with CBD from the top, avoiding expensive spills. The kit comes in pink, silver, white and black. 

What can vaping CBD e-liquid help with?

CBD oil has been found to help with a number of conditions and ailments. Some of these have been researched, whereas others have lots of anecdotal research behind them. Here are a few conditions that CBD may relieve:

There is ongoing research into cannabinoids and how it interacts with the bodies own endocannabinoid system. 

What CBD e-liquids are best?

At Vape and Juice, we stock a range of CBD e-liquids that we know and trust. We only stock products with a certificate of analysis showing us exactly what is in them. When you are buying CBD e-liquid you need to check the concentration levels. For example, if you buy a 10ml bottle with 250mg then it will contain higher levels of CBD than a 100ml bottle with 250mg. Make sure you don’t get drawn in by a cheap price!

1. CBD Vape Oil for your Pod System

CBD vape oil UK

When choosing CBD vape oil for your pod have a look at Dutchie Originals AK47.

Dutchie Originals AK47 is perfect if you are looking to boost energy and feel uplifted. It has a musky, berry fragrance and a peppery berry and sweet taste. 

The pods come in a pack of 3 and are compatible with JUUL. Once you have used the CBD vape oil in the pod you can refill it again 5-10 times. This is to make it more environmentally friendly and save you on costs. Each pod contains 35mg of CBD and 5% terpenes. 

This e-liquid base is 80% PG and 20%VG so don’t expect big clouds. Just the benefits of CBD oil.

Shop CBD Pods >>

2. Best CBD for Vape Style Flavours

CBD Ibz Best CBD vape oil for flavour

CBD IBZ is known and loved for its CBD benefits with a delicious flavor, such as Apple Candy and Strawberry. 

If you aren’t into authentic cannabis flavors and want something fruity in your tastebuds, then you will love this. It contains 200mg of CBD per 10ml bottle.

This CBD vape oil is made with 0% THC hemp crystal sourced in California, USA. It has a base of 80% PG and 20% VG. Ideally, you do not want to put this in a big vape kit as it will be more prone to leaking out of tiny air holes in your device due to the high PG base.

Shop CBD IBZ >>

3. Best CBD e-liquid for Cannabis Flavours

CBD vape oil UK terpenes cannabis flavour

If you love the authentic taste of cannabis flavours then you will enjoy Green House Terpenes. The flavours include Earthy and woody OG Kush, sour and earthy Gorilla Glue and sweet and earthy Gelato. 

These come in a 30ml bottle and contain 300mg of CBD. They also are packed with terpenes which have their own individual benefits.  This brand contains less than 0.2% THC, so will not get you high and is still legal.

Shop Green House >>

4. Canavape 

canavape Cannabinoid

Canavape contains a minimum of 200MG of pure CBD & 20MG pure CBG per bottle. Also present are small amounts of CBDv. You’ll find some great flavours in this range, such as bubblegum and grape. This contains 0% THC and zero nicotine. It will not get you high.

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What Strength CBD should I vape?

We always suggest that you start on a low dose, and increase as you get to know your tolerance. Everyone has different tolerances to the cannabinoid, so make sure you know yours before you use too high of a dose. 

In e-liquids we offer 10ml bottles with a concentration of 200mg, 250mg and 30ml with a concentration of 300mg.

Will vaping CBD give me the munchies?

You may, or may not, know that smoking cannabis can give you feelings of extreme hunger. The reason for this is because THC increases the sense of smell and taste, making you want those salty and sweet foods.

As we have mentioned, CBD doesn’t contain THC. Therefore you will not experience side effects such as the munchies, hallucinations, confusion or the giggles. 

 Whether you decide to vape CBD, ingest it or drop oil under your tongue, it should not increase your appetite. 

Read more about CBD and the munchies on our blog >>

What are the negative side effects of vaping CBD?

vaping starter kits

Thankfully, there is nothing too negative when it comes to the side effects of CBD. However, there are a few things that you might want to be aware of.  

Lowers blood pressure

CBD oil can be used to help lower blood pressure, which is great if you have high blood pressure.

However, if you have low blood pressure already and are taking CBD in high doses then you might feel lightheaded and dizzy. If this is the case then reduce your intake of CBD and see if it helps.


You might find that just as with vaping, your mouth can get a little dry.

Whether you vape the CBD or drop it on your tongue you could still find you have a dry mouth.

Combat this by making sure you drink extra water while you are using CBD.


If you’re taking CBD in high quantities you might find that you get a little drowsy.

If you find that CBD makes you feel sleepy then either reduce the dose or only use CBD at night while you are winding down for bed.

CBD has been known to help people with insomnia, so if this is you then you might want to give CBD a go to help you drift off and stay asleep.

Points to remember when vaping the cannabinoid

  • Check the concentration levels. 
  • Make sure you’re not vaping oil.
  • Check the ingredients - is it hemp? Hemp contains very low levels of CBD, hence it is cheap.
  • Use the correct device, opt for a starter kit or pod device.
  • Don’t add nicotine to your CBD, it degrades it. Keep them separate.

 Which CBD vape oil is best for me?

That depends on your personal taste. If you are someone who enjoys a sweet and dessert-like vape flavour, then opt for CBD IBZ. If you like something more authentic then head to Green House for added terpenes and rich flavours. 

Can you vape CBD and drink alcohol? 

Nothing quite like a cold beer or large glass of red after a hard day’s work to really relax you. CBD also is known to help relax you and reducing anxiety and promoting restful sleep.

In one study there were 72 subjects taking 25-75 mg of CBD a day for 30 days. As a result, they found that this reduced their anxiety and helped them to sleep better.

As both CBD and alcohol have similar effects, you might notice that they are amplified. Leaving you feeling super chilled and ready for bed! This intense mix has also been said to be mood and behaviour altering. 

There’s not a massive amount of research into whether you can mix CBD with alcohol. Although, there is some interesting information on how it can help with the hangover and help prevent the nasty effects of one too many drinks. 

How could vaping CBD vape juice help a hangover?

CBD may help reduce anxiety 
THE BEER FEAR! We all get it. That feeling of “oh no, why did I say/do that?” The sinking feeling in your stomach as you look over your phone pictures from the night before. Or worse, when you are tagged in pictures from the night before! This is where CBD may come in handy. CBD has been found to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of calmness.

Stop you feeling queasy 
When you wake up in the morning and feel like you’re going to see last night's kebab again CBD could help. CBD has been found to help reduce nausea naturally.   

Ease that pounding head
If drowning yourself in pints of water isn’t shifting the headache then try CBD. CBD helps to reduce pain and inflammation by working with the human endocannabinoid system and cell receptors.

Here are a few final thoughts before you head off: 

  • Don’t mix CBD with nicotine e-liquid

  • Find a device suitable for high PG

  • Consider the size of the device, will it fit in your pocket or purse 

  • Use a high-quality CBD e-liquid

  • Do NOT vape CBD oil!! 


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