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How to vape - For quitting smoking

How to vape - For quitting smoking


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 how to vape

How to vape and be a quitter 

Quitting smoking is no easy task. Chances are, you have probably smoked for years and created some ingrained habits around smoking. These habits are often what triggers or heightens cravings. If you are serious about quitting smoking then you might be interested in how to vape. Vaping is said to be 95% safer than smoking by Public Health England. Moreover, it has been a successful quitting aid to many. 

Get started with vaping

To get started with vaping you will need to buy a few bits of kit. You will ideally need:

  • A device
  • E-liquid at your desired nicotine strength (0,3,6,12,18mg)

The device you choose will largely depend on what you want from your kit and how you want to vape. If you are liking the idea of big clouds and devices with all the bells and whistles then you will want something like the Smok X Priv Kit. If you just want something basic that best replicates smoking with a mouth to lung pull, then you might like the Aspire Pockex or the X30 Rover.

How to vape 

Once you have your kit charged with the coil installed and tank topped with ejuice, then you are ready to go. But how do you vape? Well, it depends on the device you have.

Mouth to lung: If you have a mouth to lung kit then it replicates smoking in the way in which you take a draw. Place your lips around the mouthpiece and draw the vapour in slow and steady for around 3 seconds. Bring the vapour into the mouth, then into the lungs. 

Direct to lung: If your kit is direct to lung device then you will be inhaling the vapour directly into the lungs, instead of drawing it into the mouth first. This offers a strong throat hit and huge vapour production due to the high VG ejuice used in these kits. 

How to vape with the right nicotine strength 

When you first quit smoking you need to make sure you get your nicotine concentration right. We suggest the following.

  • 1-7 cigarettes per day: 3mg - 6mg
  • 8-13 cigarettes per day: 12mg
  • 14 cigarettes and above: 18mg

Over time, as you get further away from your cigarette habit, you can start to reduce the nicotine level, right down to 0mg. 

We hope this blog has shared enough insight into how to vape. If you need further help then head over to one of our shops. Our trained staff will be able to give you demonstrations and let you try different devices to see which one is right for you. View our store locations here.

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I'm a writer, runner and biscuit lover. When I'm not writing about pens, pods, mods, coils and juices, you'll find me running in the hills fueled by cookies.

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