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How to choose the right nicotine level


How to choose the right nicotine level 

Find the right nicotine level to vape 

Becky, 20/09/2018 

When you are new to vaping and are using it as a means to quit smoking you will want to know, how much nicotine should I get in my e-liquid? What happens if you vape nicotine that is too high? How do I know if I need a 3mg, 6mg or an 18mg for my first vape juice? These are questions we get asked in store almost daily.

This blog is going to give you some top tips to help you choose the right nicotine level to vape. 

What does the nicotine level mean and why does it matter? 

On your vape juice bottle, or when you are shopping online, you will be given a choice of nicotine, measured in MG. The nicotine level is going to matter to you as you are trying to stay away from the addictive substance of nicotine in cigarettes and will want to satisfy the craving to keep you away.

If you have been a 20 a day smoker and go for a vape juice with a very low nicotine strength, or maybe a zero, you will probably find that vaping doesn’t satisfy that craving.

How do I know if the nicotine level is too high? 

A sign that you have gone too high with your nicotine level is that you might feel a little sick, dizzy or find yourself with a headache.

If you find that you have vaped too much and taken in too much nicotine, have a break from the vape until you feel better. 

How much nicotine do I need and how do I choose the right nicotine level to vape? 

Most cigarettes contain around 4 to 14 mg of nicotine. Vape juices contain 3mg - 18mg. Here is what we recommend to be the right nicotine level to vape based on previous smoking habits.

0 mg 
Zero nicotine. Ideal for non smokers or those who are gradually weaning themselves off of vaping. 

This is the lowest concentration of nicotine you will find, unless you mix your own shots. This is ideal for people who smoke a few a day, or are trying to gradually reduce down their intake. 

If you smoke about 10 cigarettes a day then go for a 6mg. This amount of nicotine shouldn't make you feel unwell if you have been a previous smoker. 

If you smoke more than 20 a day then you might be better off with a 12mg. With the higher nicotine content you might notice a slight peppery taste to your vape juice.

18mg is the highest you can get for your ejuice. If you have smoked more than 30 a day then this will probably be the best bet for you. You could start with this and gradually reduce down over a couple of months. 

If you are still unsure about how to choose the right nicotine level to vape, or you’re not sure of how the nicotine will impact taste and throat hit, then head over to one of our offline stores to try out the strengths for yourself. Our staff live and breathe vape, they will be able to advise you on what is best for your needs.

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