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Where There’s An Airport Smoking Area, There’s A Vaping Area

Smoking in places of work, restaurants, bars, airports and other enclosed spaces is no longer permitted. Smokers must find designated smoking areas to take smoking breaks.

What exactly constitutes as a smoking area? 

We’ve done a little digging on this and apparently for a smoking area to be legal in the UK it must have the following:

  • If there is no roof smoking is permitted, providing that the adjoining walls allow air flow
  • If 50% or more of the walls are missing, then it is legal to smoke in the area. 

Take a bus shelter for example. If it had a roof and was supported by 3 walls then you could not smoke there. If it had a roof but just one wall supported it, that would be a go for smokers. 

There are also areas with no roof, such as outside doorways of hospitals, airports and other buildings, where smoking is not permitted and you have to seek out the actual smoking area before lighting up. 

Smoking shelters mentioned in this guide were built pre-covid, so you might find that there is a one in one out system, or other methods to help maintain social distancing. Keep that in mind!

Which Airports have smoking areas in the UK?

In the days where smoking inside was legal there used to be these pods and smoking rooms in airports in the UK. You’d go in there and come out looking 20 years older. These ventilated rooms no longer exist. However, there are smoking areas at airports in the UK, they just look a little different now. 

Aberdeen Airport smoking area

Aberdeen airport smoking shelter can be found adjacent to the main departure lounge, near gate 5. This shelter comes at the cost of £1 to each smoker/vaper, which goes towards maintaining the facility. There is also a smoking area in the Granite City Beer Garden facility, which is before security.

Other than this outside shelter, you can’t smoke anywhere within the building or on the buses between planes and the terminal.  

smoking area Aberdeen airport

Bournemouth airport smoking lounge

Follow signs to the departure lounge where you will find an outside smoking area where you will be able to vape and smoke. There is no seating, but can can enjoy a little coverage from the elements if you get a spot under the shelter. 

Smoking area bournmouth airport

Bristol Airport smoking area

You will find an outside smoking area at Bristol airport, just left of the departure lounges. To abide by the law this is an outside area so you will be battling the elements when you are having your smoke. Some seating and coverage, but not much. Bonus is though, this one is after security. 

Smoking area Bristol Airport

Cardiff Airport smoking area

Cardiff airport has a smoking area that is when you have got through security. It is located next to gate 2 and is an outside space where you can legally light up. There may be restrictions as to how many people can smoke in the area at once. It might be that you have to wait due to social distancing. 

cardiff airport smoking area

Dublin Airport 

At Dublin Airport you can enjoy a cigarette or vape with your beer. There’s an outdoor smoking area at The Garden Terrace Bar in terminal 1. This is a comfortable place to stop for a ciggie or vape. 

Smoking area dublin airport

Smoking area Luton airport

Luton Airport has a sheltered smoking area. Great news for when it is raining and you want a nicotine fix before you head off to warmer climates.

This designated smoking zone can be found outside the terminal building at Departures. This is the only smoking area at Luton airport, you’ll not be able to light up past security which is a bit of a downer.

luton airport smoking area

Liverpool Airport smoking area

You’ll find a smoking shelter outside the terminal as well as one past security in the departure lounge, close to gate 42. This is an outside area, but within the main airport. You cannot smoke anywhere in the terminal building, this goes for vaping too.

liverpool airport smoking area

Glasgow Airport smoking area

Glasgow Airport smoking area isn’t much to shout about. You can not smoke or vape after the security, only before you enter the terminal building. There are also restrictions as to where you can light up there too. They do have some shelters where smokers can take a seat on one of those slanted benches, so not to get too comfortable! 

The shelter will protect you from some wind and rain though. However, you might need to wait until someone has finished their cigarette or vape before you go under there so you can maintain social distance. 

glasgow airport smoking areas

Smoking area Gatwick Airport | updated 2021

There is now no smoking past security at Gatwick airport. You will need to smoke or vape curbside before you enter the building in the set smoking spaces. There is some seating here, so you should be able to sit down while you roll a cig or top up your vape.

Gatwick airport smoking area

Smoking area Heathrow airport

Heathrow Airport has your usual smoking area outside the terminal. Then, there are also a few smoking areas past security. These are places where you can light up or vape. 

Heathrow terminal 1 has a great smoking area. It is outdoors, however, there are outdoor heaters, seating and it is protected from the wind and rain. It isn’t very well sign posted, but you will find it at Gate A1, down the stairs.

Heathrow terminal 4 also has a smoking cage. This is another hidden one. Make a left turn after security, left at Burberry and then down 2 flights of stairs to the cage. There’s no seating and it isn’t the most comfortable of places, but ideal if you want to smoke or vape before getting on the plane. 

If you are at another terminal then unfortunately there is no smoking area beyond security. 

Heathrow Airport smoking area 

Smoking area Birmingham airport

Since May 2019 the smoking area inside the terminal has closed to allow for an extension of the lounge. It hasn’t reopened since. This means that if you are looking for a smoking area at Birmingham airport your best bet will be outside of departures before you head through security. 

Birmingham airport smoking areas

Standsted Airport smoking area

Smoking at Stansted airport is not permitted except outside the airport departures building, but only in designated spaces. After this point you’ll not be able to smoke or vape until you reach your destination. 

standsted airport smoking areas

Newcastle Airport smoking areas

Inside the airport smoking is not permitted. However, you can smoke before you go in, but just avoid the no smoking areas. 

After security there is an outside space for smoking and vaping. This is at Bar 11 and for patrons only. 

Newcastle Airport smoking area

Manchester Airport Smoking Area 

Manchester airport has the usual curbside smoking areas, as well as some past check in, but not past security. 

Terminal 1 – There is a smoking area located by the food court, which you’ll be able to use after you have checked your bags. It is a fully covered balcony that overlooks the runways. A nice spot of a smoke or vape. 

None of the other terminals have smoking areas, so you’ll need to get your nicotine fix before you head into the main building.

Manchester airport

Which airports allow smoking in America? 

Much like the rest of the world, America has banned smoking in a number of inside spaces. Some states still allow for smoking areas in airports. Here are the airports where smoking is permitted in America. 

Atlanta airport smoking area

As of January 2020, all smoking rooms inside the airport have been closed. Anyone caught vaping or smoking inside the building will face a fine of $200. You will now only be able to smoke or vape outside terminal buildings, in set areas. 

atlanta airport smoking area

Houston airport smoking area

Houston is another non smoking airport. However, you are able to smoke and vape outside but you must be 25 metres away from the terminal doors.

houston  airport smoking area

Dallas Airport smoking area

Dallas airport (DFW) is completely smoke free indoors. Previously, there were private clubs, such as American Airways Admirals Clubs which allowed it, however this is no longer the case. You will have to smoke or vape before you head to security then put them away until you reach your destination.

 houston  airport smoking area

 JFK Smoking Area 

JFK is a fully smoke free airport. This means that there isn’t anywhere to smoke or vape once you are past security. You will need to take your last tokes before you get into the terminal building. There is a smoking area there, but that will be all. Some seating, but nothing to get too comfortable on. Shelter may protect you from the rain but probably not high winds.

JFK airport smoking area

McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas Airport)

The McCarran International Airport has areas where smoking is permitted, inside the building. You can light up in the Budweiser Racing Track Lounge, the Esplanade Pre-Security area and the enclosed slot machine lounges. These have comfortable seats and some even gaming machines. 

Smoking area las vegas airport

Miami Airport smoking areas

Miami International Airport has an open air atrium where smokers and vapers are allowed to legally smoke and vape. This atrium has four walls and a roof with a gap. You will find it attached to TGI Fridays. It is a decent sized smoking area with seating and an outdoor bar. It is also fairly protected from the elements. 

Smoking area Miami airport

Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport permits smoking in a lounge within the airport terminal. You will need to buy something, but you will be able to vape and smoke in the set area of the a the Graycliff Boutique & Lounge. It is a comfortable spot with seating and inside too, which is quite rare to find. 

Smoking area Nashville airportSan Francisco Airport smoking area

Smoking in San Francisco airport is a no go I’m afraid. You will have to have your last smoke or vape before you enter the terminal. Just make sure you are at least 20ft away from the entrance doors or you might get in trouble with security. 

luton airport smoking area

 Orlando Airport smoking area

Heading home from your holidays in Disney Orlando? You’ll need to make sure you have your last cigarette or vape before you enter the terminal building. Orlando Airport is completely smoke free, so you aren’t going to find anywhere past security or in the building where you can have a smoke.

Orlando airport smoking area

Newark Airport smoking area

Newark Airport does not have a smoking area other than out the front of the building, before you check your bags. You need to make sure you stay clear of the doors and properly discard your cigarette butts in the bins provided. 

Newark airport smoking area

Philadelphia Airport smoking area

Sorry Smokey Joe’s, Philadelphia airport is another smoke free one. No where in the building will you be able to have a smoke or vape. This includes on the runway as you are about to board your plane. Make sure you have your smoke before you enter the terminal building, in the designated smoking areas, some of which are sheltered from the elements. 

Philadelphia airport smoking area Pheonix Airport smoking area

Phoenix airport doesn’t have a smoking area within the terminal or even outside spaces. You will only be able to smoke or vape before you enter the terminal building, making sure you are 25ft away from the doors too. Also observe any no smoking signs even here. 

Philadelphia airport smoking area

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport smoking area

You are not going to find anywhere to smoke inside the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. You will need to make sure you have had your nicotine fix before you enter the terminal building and then not until you get to your destination. The smoking area out the front of the building does have some shelter. 

Philadelphia airport smoking area

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) smoking area 

You will find actual indoor smoking rooms in Washington Dulles Airport. These are comfortable enough with seating and you are protected from the weather. The extraction is pretty good too so it doesn’t get overly smokey. 

However, with COVID rules and social distancing you could be limited to how many people can be in there at once, so expect to have to queue. You will find these rooms at gates B38, B75, C4 and D30.

Smoking area las vegas airport

Smoking areas in Spanish Airports 

Spain has similar smoking restrictions to England. You are unable to smoke public spaces or in a place or work. However, some airports have specific smoking areas where you can get your nicotine fix either before or after security. 

Smoking at Alicante Airport 

Elche Airport in Alicante is a smoke free airport. You will be unable to smoke anywhere other than before you enter the terminal in designated areas. These will be away from the doors. Sometimes there are benches free, but you might have to stand and have a smoke or vape before you enter the building. 

Alicante airport smoking area

Barcelona airport smoking area

Barcelona airport does have a smoking area the other side of security. So you have your usual curbside smoke space, then if you are at Terminal 1 you can check your bags and take a trip to Starbucks. Here there is a balcony where you can have a cup of Joe, or a beer with your cigarette or vape. This is a nice open space.

Terminal 2 only allows you to smoke before you enter the building in the set areas. 

smoking area barcalona airport

Smoking area at Fuerteventura Airport

There are two open air smoking areas at Fuerteventura airport. These are spacious with seating and tables. You can enjoy your takeaway food out here, followed by a ciggie or a vape before you get on the plane. There is nowhere inside the terminal where you can vape or smoke, doing so could land you with a fine.

Downside is there isn’t much shade in the heat of the day which also wouldn’t be great if it is raining as shelter is limited. 

Smoking at Fuerteventura Airport

Ibiza airport smoking area

Heading home after a week partying or enjoying the more relaxing side of the island? You’ll have to smoke or vape before you enter the terminal building, and make sure you keep away from the doors.

There is not anywhere to smoke after you get to security. They’re also pretty hot on stopping people from lighting up or vaping on the journey to the little shuttle bus that takes you to the plane. 

Ibiza airport smoking area

Palma de Mallorca Airport (Majorca)

You can light up both before and after security, just make sure you are in the correct area before you do so. You can have a smoke or vape in Terminal A opposite Gate 8. There is a narrow passage to a smoking area which leads you outside to a terrace. It has glass walls which protects from the wind, however there is no roof so if it’s raining, expect to get wet. 

You will find it up the escalator at level 4, just before security. This is fairly quiet and is a nice space with seating and plants. After you have gone through security there are no more smoking areas. 

Majorca airport smoking area

Malaga Airport Smoking Area

If you’re searching for Malaga Airport smoking areas then you are likely to find some websites that suggest there are some. However, these were closed back in 2016. Make sure you are reading the latest covid updated information about smoking areas at airports. Not only have laws on smoking changed in the last few years, there have also been changes around how close we can be to each other. 

If you are smoking at Malaga airport you need to do so before you enter the terminal building. There will be no where to smoke or vape after you are through the main doors. 

Malaga airport smoking area

Smoking at Menorca’s Airport (MAH)

Menorca Airport’s smoking areas are located in the departures, after security. There are two large outside areas where you will legally be allowed to vape or light up. From our research there seems to be plenty of seating and space to socially distance from other smokers. 

menorca airport smoking area

Smoking area Madrid Airport 

This is the latest information for smoking areas at Madrid Airport – there are none. You might find on some websites their information is out of date and it says that you are able to smoke and vape within certain lounges. This is no longer the case. Make sure you check your source. Our information comes from Madrid Airport.

There are rumors that you can smoke on the terrace of the VIP lounge in Terminal 1, however, we cannot confirm this.

You are able to smoke or vape before you get into the terminal, as long as you are 25ft away from the entrance. 

Madrid airport smoking area

Valencia Airport smoking areas 

All of the Valencia Airport smoking areas have been closed. If you want to smoke before you get on the plane you will need to do so before you enter the terminal building. If that isn’t going to see you through with your cravings then you will have to look at nicotine gum or another replacement therapy. 

Smoking or vaping after you have entered the building is going to land you with a fine.

Valencia airport smoking area

North and South Tenerife airports smoking areas

Tenerife North Airport is completely smoke free. You will be unable to smoke or vape anywhere after you have entered the building. South Tenerife has a VIP lounge which is available to business class passengers for free which has a smoking terrace, or you can pay around $25 for access. 

Tenerife airport  north and south smoking area

Lanzarote Airport Smoking Area 

The Lanzarote Airport smoking area is an outside space with seating, overlooking the runway and the carpark. Okay, not your most scenic view but the seats are comfy and there is some shade available if you are already burnt to a crisp and want to keep out of the sun while you have a smoke.

Lanzarote airport smoking area

Australia smoking in airports

Smoking in Australia is no longer allowed in any enclosed public spaces. You can also not smoke in certain outdoor spaces such as benches, children’s play areas, sports stadiums, outdoor eating and drinking areas, or within 4 meters of non residential building entrances.

Sydney airport

Sydney airport is smoke free when you are inside the building and past customs and security. If you are going to smoke or vape then you’ll need to do this before you enter the terminal building. There are set places to do this though, and it is away from the doors. Make sure you are in a set smoking area before you light up or have a puff on your vape.

sydney airport smoking area

Melbourne Airport smoking area

Melbourne Airport smoking area is another that you will find before you enter the building. They’re pretty strict on where you can and can’t smoke so do follow signage. You will be unable to smoke within 10 meters of air conditioning intake vents and ducts, in undercover parking areas and opposite windows and doorways. Of course, you also cannot smoke or vape inside the terminal building. 

melbourne airport smoking area

Brisbane Airport smoking areas 

Brisbane Airport is smoke free, however there are some places within the airport where you can get outside for a quick smoke. You will find sheltered smoking areas outside the terminal building in the domestic terminal. 

The international terminal has a smoking balcony which is at level 3 in the departures lounge, behind The Coffee Club and once you are through security and passport control. 

Smoking in the airport in Dubai

In Dubai smoking is legal in designated areas, but is not allowed in spaces such as Malls. Vaping is not illegal, however vaping where smoking is banned can land you with a fine. 

Dubai Airport Smoking Areas

Dubai Airport smoking areas do exist in the all of the terminal lounges. These are well ventilated pods where smoking and vaping is permitted. You will find them at Terminal 1: Gate D12, Upper level. Terminal 2: Near the departure area. Terminal 3: Gates A2, A23, B7, B27, C9, C23.

In Covid times you might need to wait your turn before you enter the Dubai airport smoking area as they have been reported to be quite busy. Also expect some closures of smoking areas. It will be a good idea to have nicotine gum or patches on you in case they are closed.

We’ve not given this full stars for comfort as some of the smoking lounges in economy class can get a little foggy!

Duabi airport smoking area

Germany airport smoking area

Germany is another country to have a ban on smoking in public spaces. This includes restaurants, bars and public transport. You should be okay to smoke in beer gardens and outside spaces. However, that doesn’t mean that their airports are all entirely smoke free.

Frankfurt airport smoking area

Frankfurt airport smoking areas are not only comfortable, but they’re indoors too and sheltered from the weather. The smoking lounges are bright, comfy and well ventilated. You can find these at:

  • Terminal 1, Transit A, B and Z
  • Terminal 2, Level 2 and 3, Concourse D and E
  • Smoking Booths: Terminal 1 and 2

Social distancing will be in place so you may need to wait your turn or form a queue outside the lounge until there is space. 

There is also an open air roof deck for a bit of fresh air alongside your smoke, which is ideal if the weather is good.

Smoking area las vegas airport

Berlin Schonefeld Airport

Berlin Airport has a smoking area in terminal K. This is a small room with ventilation, next to the Relay shop. It isn’t massive, but it is somewhere to get your nicotine fix before you head off onto your flight. 

Berlin Schonefeld smoking area

Berlin-Tegel International Airport smoking area

Berlin-Tegel International Airport has a few smoking areas to choose from. Most of them are indoor lounges, which has its good points (dry) and it’s bad points (smokey). 

  • Terminal A –  Lufthansa lounges
  • Terminal C – Gate 89 in section C60-89
  • The hexagon design of the terminal means that you can easily go outdoors for a smoke. This means you can smoke or vape just before going to your gate.

 Berlin-Tegel International Airport smoking area

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