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Type of Vape Mods | Get to know your mods

Vape Mods are usually best for intermediate or advanced vapers. This means those who like higher VG liquids, dense clouds and control over their vape settings.

That being said, you can get mods which are targeted towards mouth to lung vapers and high resistance coils for thinner liquids.

The type of vape mods on the market vary when it comes to which aspects you can control. Some are suited to super advanced vapers who like to be hands on, others are just for those who want a little more than your basic cig a like. 

In this article, I’ll take you through the different type of vape mods out there and what they are best for. Hopefully this should help you decide on your next kit, whether you are sub ohming or MTLing.

What is a vape mod?

A Vape Mod is a modifiable vaping device. Having a ‘Vape Mod’ allows you to tailor, enhance and alter your vaping experience. A mod vape device is usually bulkier and more complicated than the standard vape devices and has the ability to improve your vape with various advanced features.

The modifications that are made to a mod device can range from the battery lasting longer, having a larger capacity tank, something more powerful within it to heat the e-juice, produce more vapour, increase flavour or the throat hit. You are less likely to find these features in your regular e-cig or vape pen.

People use mod devices if they want to tailor their experience and get the best performance from a device. Usually more experienced vapers who are good with their hands and like to tinker with electronics are suited to a mod device.

Type of Vape Mods 

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Zelos 2 Deco smok



Regulated are type of mods which contain a circuit board to regulate the current through the kit and have various built in protection mechanisms. This keeps things safe, however, they don’t offer as much power or ability to customise as unregulated mods.

The majority of vape devices on the market are regulated and have the circuit board to control the current and other settings. You are still able to adjust the voltage and wattage with these types of kit, though you will be more limited than if you had an unregulated mod. 

If you are just moving on to vaping or you don’t want to tinker with electronics then a regulated mod is a good option. 

  • Safety features
  • Adjustable power/voltage
  • Various settings and modes
  • Sub ohm vaping / MTL vape


An unregulated mod is better suited to vapers who want to build their own coils and have full control of the power output. When you use an unregulated mod you must know about ohms law to keep your device safe and you should always test your coils using an ohm metre.

With your unregulated mods you will need to push the button each time you take a puff in order to complete the circuit and heat the coil. However, if you push the fire button for too long you risk overheating the battery or burning the coil. 

Unlike regulated mods, unregulated ones do not have the same protection to shut down when it reaches certain thresholds that are deemed unsafe. 

If you want to fully customise your experience, know about ohms law and electronics, then an unregulated mod could be an option. 

  • Sub ohm vaping
  • No safety features
  • Adjustable power
  • Settings and modes

Mechanical (Mech)

A mech mod uses full battery power to fire up the coil. As soon as the battery is activated the current flows into the atomizer, heating it up and allowing you to vape. 

They are simple bits of kit and pretty durable. That being said, their simplicity doesn’t mean they are for beginners. You will need a solid knowledge of electronics and physics before taking on a mech mod. 

There are no safety regulations on these mods, so it is really important to understand what you are doing with your builds and power. 

You won’t find any modes, settings or adjustable power on your mech mod, you’ll have to use your brain for this! Vapers love the mech mods for building your own coils and creating some decent clouds. 

This is a real hands on approach to vaping. You will need to build and customise to get your vape to exactly where you want it. 

  • No safety features
  • Simple device with few internal parts
  • Know how of building coils and physics required
  • Durable
  • Cloudy


A squonk is a type of vape mod which removes the need to drip juice onto the coil each time you take a puff. Instead, you deliver the juice to the coil via a squeezy bottle built into the kit which feeds the atomiser and saturates the wick. 

This works in a similar way to an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) without the dripping. This reduces mess and the need to ‘drip’ which isn’t always appropriate – like when you are driving. 

  • No need to drip 
  • Reduced mess 
  • Squeezy squonk bottle 
  • Clouds 

Box mod

A box mod is many things, but one thing is certain, it is box shaped. Most have adjustable settings such as watts, voltage, temperature and various modes. 

Along with adjusting the settings, you can also get different tanks with various resistances to fit. If you are looking to build your own coils then this is possible or you can buy out of the box coils to go with the tank you are using. 

Box mods can be either regulated or unregulated. If you want something out the box and ready to go then you might look at something like the Swag 2 by Voopoo. This is regulated and has a safety chipset. 

This one of the type of vape mods on the market can also be found in mouth to lung style vaping. If you are not into direct to lung and just want a tighter, cig like draw, then have a look at the Zelos 2 by Aspire which works with both vaping styles depending on the coil installed. 

  • Box shaped
  • Versatile in terms of tanks available 
  • Either ML or DL vaping style
  • Regulated or unregulated 
swag 2 vaporesso A JAx Vape kit  

Adjustable Wattage

Being able to adjust the watts allows you to tailor your vape. Higher wattages are good for a warm vape and large clouds which is great for tricks. If you are looking for a cooler vape and something more discrete, turn down the wattage. 

A great device with adjustable wattage for a sub ohm vaper would be the A Priv Kit by SMOK which fires up to 220 watts and is a cloud beast. 

  • Adjust for a cooler or warmer vape
  • Control throat hit 
  • Cloud control

Variable Voltage

Some mods allow you to also alter the voltage. If you turn the voltage down you can enjoy cooler clouds and a smooth throat hit. Increase the voltage for a warmer vape and a little more of a throat hit for those craving that feeling. 

Variable voltage is another way to tailor your vape and find your own sweet spot with your kit. 

  • Adjust for a cooler or warmer vape
  • Control throat hit 
  • Cloud control
  • Find your own sweet spot

Built in Battery

The type of vape mods with built in batteries are great for those looking for simplicity. However, the higher powered devices tend to have external ones to power the clouds. 

Built in batteries have their limitations though. Like everything battery powered, it will mean it has a shelf life. Here are a few other points about internal batteries:

  • Only one battery internally fixed so cannot keep spares 
  • Life span of the battery will determine the lifespan of the device 

If you are looking for a built in battery device that powers clouds, then check out the MVP A Jax kit which has a massive 5000mAh internal battery. It is so big that it actually doubles up as a power bank! 

Argus GT vape kit red Nord X Smok 

External Battery

Using a mod with external battery(s) will mean that you can always have some spares in a battery case on you, so you never have to be without your kit. 

An external battery also means that when the battery packs up you can replace it, without having to buy a whole new device. 

Some devices are powered by a single, double or even triple battery. The more batteries generally mean the higher powered the device. For example, the Uwell Valyrian 2 takes 3 18650 batteries and can fire up to 300 watts.

You just need to make sure that you keep your spare batteries in a case so they don’t conduct in your pocket! 

  • If battery fails replace just the battery, not the kit
  • Have a spare on you at all times and never run out if charge 

Temperature Control

This type of vape mod can be either regulated or unregulated. Temperature control (TC) mode helps to prevent burnt and the dreaded dry hits. By setting the temperature you will allow your vape to stay the same temp when you take a long drag. As it won’t keep heating up you can be sure not to burn the coil out or take a dry hit. 

Looking for temperature control on your mod? Check out the Vaporesso Gen Kit with smart TC mode. 

Pod Mod

The pod mod is a fairly new type of vape mod. It is a hybrid of a small pod vape with features of a mod. These features can include variable wattage, external batteries, TC mode and other settings and modes. 

There are some brilliant pod mods on the market now, such as the Voopoo Vinci X. This kit fires up to 70W, has an external battery and takes high VG juices, unlike other smaller pods. 

  • Many offer both styles of vaping
  • More cloud than a basic pod
  • Can use thicker eliquids

There you have the type of vape mods we sell at Vape and Juice. Some are better suited to those looking to get hands on with builds, where as others are better for vapers who just enjoy vaping out the box. 

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