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Top Tips for when you buy vape juice on eBay

If you have an account with eBay then shopping online is easy, with most purchases being able to be made with just one click.

Over the years of vaping I have brought vape juice from eBay and, needless to say, I learned a few things. Just like you do when you buy anything from eBay, sometimes it isn’t quite what it seems, and other times it is spot on, perfection- and a bargain too.

So here are a few things that I found out when I ordered vape juice from eBay:

They don’t have nicotine in- unless you ask specifically

On eBay you are not allowed to sell nicotine products, however most sellers have a note in the description saying that you can ask for a certain strength when you order your vape juice on eBay. Or alternatively you can mix your own nic shots with the e-juice you buy from the site.

It was cheap

Prices starting at about £1.49 with free shipping is seriously cheap. Many of these sellers order in bulk and can keep their prices low with no overheads. However, note that this is the price for 0 nicotine, which means if you are vaping with nic then you will need to buy that separately, adding up the cost of your eBay vape juice.

There’s no advice

In store, or even on a reputable website, you get someone to ask if the juice will be right for your tank. Will you get the best possible vape, or the biggest clouds? What should your PG:VG ratio be? These were questions I couldn’t get answered when buying e-liquid on eBay.

The quality wasn’t there

When I brought my vape juice from ebay it was noticeably poor quality. The label was shoddy, the flavour was bland and it just didn’t hit the spot. Make sure you read reviews on the products to ensure that other (genuine) people have tried and enjoyed the e-juice from ebay. While it was super cheap, I actually threw it away and brought from my local store, making that purchase actually quite expensive! I’m sure there are some good ones on the site, and I just got a bad batch.

Think of where the vape juice on Ebay was made

In the UK standards for creating and mixing vape juices are very high. Particularly so with the juices that we stock in Vape and Juice. However, if you buy from abroad then you might want to check their standards and regulations before you make your purchase. At the end of the day you’re putting this juice into your device and your lungs, you want it to be of the highest quality.


On a final note, make sure that you read reviews and choose UK based sellers if you decide to buy e-juice on ebay. Have a look if that seller specialises in vape juice and devices, if so, drop them a message and ask if they can advise you. Chances are though, if they are just selling e-juice alongside random items such as light bulbs, they won’t have the correct knowledge.

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