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CBD eliquid oil for vaping – UK mg explained review

CBD vape eliquid oil at Vape and Juice

What makes a good CBD eliquid for vaping? 

Editor: The industry around Cannabinoids is getting bigger worldwide and there are few areas where CBD (Cannabinoids) haven’t touched. From pharmaceutical products by Sativex, to under the tongue dropped tinctures available at high street supplement retailers such as Push and Pull and Holland and Barrett. In recent years we have begun to see the demand for vaping based CBD products. These CBD products that can be vaped, come in the form of CBD oil, eliquid or juice. They all mean the same thing, but depending where you’re from is how they are known.

Being in the game for anything vape and ecig related at Vape and Juice, we took stock of a range of CBD e liquid juices at our new vape shops in Chelmsford, Hackney and Clapham, to get a feel of what our vape and ecig customers think and give us some guidance on what we should look for when picking these types of liquids for our stores. 

Today in our post we speak to a member of our in house buying team, Mason, to get to the bottom of a recent CBD stock pick of his.

CBD isn’t cheap, that much is obvious. While a 10ml eliquid juice for conventional vapers may cost on average £3.50-5, a 10ml CBD liquid can cost anywhere up to £40 with some companies due to the level of cannabinoid hemp in them. Made from the Hemp plant, the highest purity CBD crystals are extracted without the THC in them. So I am sat here with our resident CBD expert at our dispensary in Canterbury Vape and Juice.

Q: Hi Mason thanks for your time, can you give us a quick run down on what makes a good product?

Mason: “The benchmark for consumers is 200mg and above. Anything below that per 10ml really is just novelty factor. 200mg is the go to standard, but you’re paying for the CBD not the eliquid per se. So don’t be put off buying a 10ml 200mg liquid over a 30ml 200mg juice if the price is similar. The reality is, the 10ml is more concentrated and the larger bottle is trying to sell to you on the basis of volume of liquid. That is disingenuous and is a way for manufacturers to get more money out of consumers. Always look at the CBD concentration per ml. So 200mg, is 20mg/ml, a 300mg at 30ml, is 10mg/ml. One looks like better value in bulk, but it really isn’t. Its like taking one paracetamol over the course of a day, not in one hit. What would you rather?”

Q: So Masey my boy, what made you suggest this new line of CBD IBZ we have in stock now?

Mason: “Well CBD IBZ or CBD Ibiza as they are also known, are a really new outfit. They come from a vaping background, which at first made me query what did they know about CBD? CBD and anything hemp related is huge out in Ibiza, the guys are Brits but spend much of the year working on the White Isle in their own Vape shop in San Antonio. When they started talking about the fairly liberal attitude in Spain to growing your own, cannabis associations and easy to obtain THC oils, it became apparent, they knew what they were talking about. Their biggest gripe, was that so many CBD makers DON’T come from a vape background. In that too many liquids on the market taste like mud, or low quality chinese ejuices from 2010. Some CBD oils they were buying for £45 10ml, 200mg with no label, no provenance source and no flavour. It was the literally the least amount of effort possible. So they decided to take what they have learnt in the eliquid market in Spain (electronicos de cigarillos, Espana) and the UK and breath some professionalism into CBD products. They wanted something that would compete taste with conventional vape juice and I think they have nailed that.”

Q: So what are the stand out points of CBD IBZ over say a big player such as Canavape?

Mason: “Look, Canavape are a real big name in the game. Excuse the rhyming, but they have been around a while and people pay for that trust they get with an established brand. You won’t get let down with Canavape and you can check them out. They are everywhere. But they aren’t cheap and a comparable CBD mg concentration to CBD IBZ, would see you pay double the price. So for me, who vapes liquids on a sub ohm set up, I watch the pennies even when I am spending a bit more. CBD IBZ is a bit of a no brainer. They even come out at the same price as low quality vendors on sites like Ebay. They are really reasonable. For me where they step their game up is in the flavour mixing. The profiles they have gone for are some of the most popular recipes and they cover the range of palettes. From dessert with Apple Pie, amusingly named “Super Doober”, to their Blue Slush line aka “Lets be blunt”. Their ripe strawberry has the moniker “Keep it Chronic” and in an homage to a big named Ibiza DJ, they have a Silver Haze flavour operating under “Jonathan Cigweed”. The juices look great, have a full range flavour wise and the price to concentration is market leading. So if you want a (Grow)household name, you have peace of mind with Canavape, but if you like the hot prospect, the new kid on the block and the savings that go with it, CBD IBZ hits the bullseye.”

Editor: Thanks for your time today Mason. So I hope you have found this little review useful. You can pick up CBD eliquids from our vape and juice shops in Enfield, Hackney, Islington, Clapham, Barking, Chelmsford, Southend, Canvey Island, Basildon, Clacton, Colchester, Canterbury, Margate, Brentwood and Highgate. Pop down and talk to us for more information on how to vape CBD or even if you are just interested in pure vaping as a means to quit smoking and want to ask; is vaping safe?

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