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Top Vaping Tips

Always carry e-liquid

Chances are if you run out of e-juice there will be somewhere that stocks it. However, what if you’re on a night out and everything is closed, or if you’re on holiday. As one of the top vaping tips, remember to always have enough vape juice on you to get you through.

Keep enough liquid in your device

Don’t be tight on the liquid when you fill up your device. If you let it run too low you’ll get a nasty dry hit that doesn’t taste pleasant and can also damage your device. This vaping tip will help keep your device in top shape. 

Turn it off when it is in your pocket/bag

Turn your device on and off correctly. Check the instructions so that you don’t leave it on when it is in your pocket. You might accidently hit the fire button by sitting on it when it is in your pocket, burning the coil and using your juice.

Start low, build up

If you have a device with variable wattage and voltage then follow this vaping tip and start off low then gradually increase it until you find a satisfying vape.

Try new things

There is so much cool stuff on the vape market now, from funky flavours, to new innovative devices. Try as many flavours as you can, you might start with tobacco but will soon see that there is a world beyond it! Test devices too. Head in store where you will be able to see what else is out there before you make a purchase. 

Buy a decent device

Your first device to get you started might have been quite a cheap one just to test the water. Once you know that vaping is for you then invest in a decent device to ensure you get a satisfying vape. Follow this vaping tip and it will help to keep you off the ciggies.

Keep your vaping supplies on you at all times

If you find that you forgot your charger, juice, or even your device then you might be in for a frustrating day, and you don’t want to be tempted to hop to the shop for a lighter and a packet of cigarettes. Keep all of your supplies in an easy carry case and have them on you at all times. In your kit you should contain spare coils, a charger, the device and the liquid.

Know your kit

A very important tip for vaping is to know how long your batteries last, how long they take to charge fully and how much juice you will need over a day. You will also need to know what it feels like when your coil needs changing. Once you know this you can plan ahead for trips away, or even a day at the office.

Keep your E-juice safe

By safe we mean out of the way of children and pets. You may find that the packaging looks interesting to children, and the smells appeal to them too. Keep any e-liquid well out of the way of children, even with the child safety bottle, same goes for pets too.

Check the rules

Make sure that when you are out and about vaping that you are actually allowed to vape in that space. Some pubs are okay with it, whereas others have a strict ban, so it is always best to ask. If you’re going abroad then check whether you can vape in the country you are traveling to. There are a number of countries that have a ban on vaping everywhere, so make sure you know before you go.

Those are our top vaping tips for both novice vapers and hobbyist vapers. What is your top vaping tip?

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