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How to move on to vaping

With more and more studies coming out about how much better for you vaping is than smoking cigarettes, you have decided it is time for you to move on to vaping.

However, you’re not quite sure how to make the transition – without making a huge deal out of it to everyone around you. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how to move on to vaping and away from the fags, with success.

Don’t buy a ‘cigalike’ device

Okay, so these devices are the same shape and size as the cigarette you’ve been puffing on for years, but trust me when I say, this is not going to satisfy your craving, or give you a positive experience of vaping. The battery doesn’t last long, there isn’t enough of a ‘throat hit’ and it will leave you feeling rather unsatisfied. Buy a device that you have tried in a shop and enjoyed. You don’t need to go really fancy with your device when you first move on to vaping, however you need one that is going to be good enough for you not to turn back on it. Try the T18E or the Eleaf icare – these are just a couple of brilliant little starter kits.

Join the conversation  

Follow the hashtag #vapelife on instagram and you’ll be sure to find a whole community of vapers to inspire and inform you on new devices, juices and techniques (if you want to get really into your vaping!) Chat to other vapers online and ask questions, this will help you feel a part of the vaping community- do cigarettes have that?

Try liquids

When you first move on to vaping make sure that you try a range of different juices, from fruity ones to more puddingy ones, along with standard tobacco flavour. Try different VG:PG ratios too, if you’re unsure what ratio is best for you and your device then ask someone in store to help.

Careful not to chain vape

When you move on to vaping you’ll probably start doing it in the house, even if you never smoked inside the house previously. This might tempt you to chain vape when you’re watching TV or chilling out at home. Vape still contains nicotine which might make you feel a little sick and headachy if you over do it.  

Go easy

If you have been smoking for ages then there are deeply ingrained habits to change, which can take time. Be patient with forming these new habits, if you still need to have that cigarette now and then that doesn’t mean that you have failed. I know people who have slowly phased out the ciggies (after 40 years of smoking) and gradually introduced the vape. Do what works best for you when you move on to vaping.

Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas for how to move on to vaping, if you still need some more advice then stop by one of our stores for a chat.

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