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Make my Vape – How to Make Custard E-liquid DIY

 Make my vape custard DIY

Make My Vape – DIY Custard 

If you fancy yourself a vape connoisseur then you might find that nothing quite hits the spot. Maybe the custards on the market aren’t sweet or creamy enough for you. Or the PG/VG ratio doesn’t suit your device even though the flavour is on point. If this is the case, then you may want to know how to make my vape and create your very own custard e-liquid.

How to make your own custard e-liquid – no eggs required!

To make my vape you will need

 nic shot make my vape

Now you need to get your maths skills out. First off you need to decide on the ratio of PG to VG that you want to make. Once decided, follow these steps.

      • Add all of your ingredients in their correct ratios into your chubby bottle
      • Shake 
      • Steep the e-liquid
      • Vape

How to steep your e-liquid

There are a few options for steeping your e-liquid in order to get the best out of your flavours. You could place it in a cool dark space with the lid tightly on for 30-60 days. Or, you can leave the lid off to help with flavours containing ethyl alcohol, however, this method may oxidise nicotine if left for too long. Another way to steep your DIY make my vape, is to place the bottle of juice in warm water. Although you need to make sure that the temperature is not too high as it can impair the flavour. 

You might not want to steep your e-juice, however, sometimes it takes a little while for the PG and VG to mix with the flavours.

Get creative with your custard flavours 

If you are feeling creative then you could try adding berries or banana flavourings. Think bananas and custard to send you back to those childhood days! When you first start trying to make my vape then you will want to keep track of your figures and mixes. That way you will be able to create the exact same concoction over and over!

Too much work?

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