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How long do e-cigarette batteries last and other questions

how long vape batteries last

Will your e-cig see you through the day?

As a vaper, battery life is key. If you are somewhere you can charge your vape throughout the day, such as the office, then you should be okay. But, what about when you go out for the night, or to a festival? How do you charge your vape then? Chances are you won’t want to carry around a portable USB charger as well as your vape and e-juice. 

How long do e-cig batteries last?

How long your e-cig batteries last depends on a number of factors. The type of battery you have, the size and whether you can use your own batteries in your device, and of course how much you use it.

Depending on the manufacturer of the device you will find various qualities which affect the battery life. At Vape and Juice, we stock high quality, well known and loved brands, such as Aspire and SMOK. If you buy a poor quality device, a “fake” battery then it won’t last so well, not to mention being unsafe.

As a guide the majority of 900mAh batteries will last you for around 800 puffs, or 8-10 hours before you need to recharge it. If you opt for a 650mAh battery you are looking at half of that with around 400 puffs, or 6-8 hours. This will vary depending on the batteries manufacturer, but as a rough guide, it’s quite useful. An extra-large battery with 1100mAh+ can last you around 12 hours or more.

How can I make my vape battery last longer?

A way to get more from your e-cigarette battery is to use your own rechargeable or long life batteries. This way, even if you are at a festival or away with no charge points you can always have a backup battery in your vape kit. However, not all vape kits allow for this. You would want to choose something with a 18650 external battery.

Which devices take an 18650 battery?

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Remember, if you are carrying around batteries in your pocket, you NEED a case. Otherwise, this can be dangerous as they may conduct in your pocket.

Read our guide on battery safety once you are clued up on how to make your vape battery last longer.

You can make your e-cigarette battery last longer if you ensure that you have turned it off when it is not in use.  If you are using a traditional e-cig that takes cartridges then you will be unable to turn this off. If you are using a vape device then you will be able to click the power button 5 times to turn it off. If your model has a screen or another way in which it indicates battery life then you can use this to help you make your battery last longer. Try to avoid charging it if it is above 50% charged. This will help prolong your batteries life.

A way to preserve your battery is to make sure that you store your device and the battery in a cool place. Avoid leaving it in the car, on a windowsill or in a hot area.

Tips for making your battery last longer 

  • Avoid chain vaping and only vape when you have a craving
  • Charge the battery when it is below 50%
  • Turn your device off when it is not in use

What is the life span of a vape battery?

Just as with everything electronic (except the Nokia 3310) your vape device will have a lifespan. If you look after your device right, take care of it and maybe consider getting a more expensive one or one with a reputable brand name, then you will get years out of your device.

Buying a more expensive device, from a well-known brand is a good idea. If the deal you found on a device from China on eBay feels too good to be true, then it probably is. A branded device bought in store or from a reputable retailer will most likely come with a warranty and if anything does go wrong then you can get it fixed or a replacement, depending on the issue

Take care of your vape device so that it lasts you. Keep it out of hot cars or direct sunlight, only charge it when it needs charging, keep it clean of gunk build up and consider getting a case for it so if you drop it there is some protection.

To an extent, how long your vape device lasts you is up to you. Eventually, you will probably want a new device as what you want from your vaping experience develops and changes. However, you should be able to get years out of the device you have chosen, providing it is good quality.

Tips for extending the life span of your vape battery

  • Store it correctly
  • Avoid charging for the sake of it
  • Keep it out of hot cars and the sun
  • Don’t buy cheap or fakes

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