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Get Paid for Recycling your Vape Juice Bottles with us!

Get Paid for Recycling your Vape Juice Bottles with us

By 2050 it is said that there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish.

We don’t want to contribute to that statistic, we care about our impact on the environment and want to make every effort to recycle bottles and packaging. We also want to help you do the same. 

We want to encourage you to recycle your single use plastics in store at Vape and Juice. We will be offering a cash reward scheme to customers who bring back their empty plastic juice bottles with the lids for us to recycle.

Every bottle you bring in to be recycled will earn you money on your Vape and Juice loyalty card. Yep that means you’ll be getting free cash. 

Here’s what you will be getting:

10ml bottle with the lid – 2.5p

30ml bottle with the lid – 5p

50ml/100ml bottle with the lid – 10p

You can see how your points can add up overtime. Simply buy a new juice from us and bring the old one back. Get paid. Buy more juice, bring empties back. Get paid. Bring empties in to us that you brought elsewhere, get paid.

Build up points on your loyalty card and you’ll essentially be getting vape stuff for free! Your points can be used against any purchase made in store at Vape and Juice.

Even if you brought your vape juice from another store we will still be happy to recycle and reward you for your efforts. We don’t care which brand it is or which shop you brought it at, if we are recycling it then you are getting money on your card.

In order to build your points you need to get yourself a Vape and Juice loyalty card in store which is easy enough. You will then give any old bottles with their lids to a member of staff who will add the points to your card. Save them up and spend, or spend as you go!

Tell your mates, or don’t, and offer to recycle their bottles… like a good friend… who wants free vape stuff!

** At participating stores.

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