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How much does vaping cost?

cost of vaping

What is the cost of smoking?

One of the reasons our customers give us for quitting smoking is not only to improve their health, but also how much the habit costs them. It’s no secret that ciggies are expensive, with a packet of 20 costing around £9, and if you’ve got a pack a day habit then you can see how the cost quickly mounts up.

So is vaping cheaper than smoking? We regularly get asked by our customers “how much does vaping cost long term?”

Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking, however, it does depend on a few things:

  • Your device
  • The quality of your ejuice
  • How often you are vaping

If you are just puffing the times when you usually would have had a cigarette then a good 10ml juice should be equivalent to approximately 180 cigs, or 9 packets!

9 packets x £9 (cost of ciggies) = £81

A 10ml juice for vaping costs around £5, or you can get deals where there are 3 for £10, 3 for £12. So if you were getting through max 2 bottles of juice a week then that’s £10 (or less) on liquid.

Consider how much you are vaping

If you are chain vaping and using it much more than you would have smoked, then you will use more eliquid and therefore it will cost you more money. However, if you only use your device as you would have a cigarette, then you will keep costs lower. 

Consider the quality of your juice

You can buy ejuice pretty cheaply, with offers on brands such as Vampire Vape. Usually, you buy in bulk and you can save. We have 3 for £10 and even 5 for £15. If you want to vape high VG, high end juices, these will set you back a little more money. Keep in mind that some devices use more eliquid than others, particually those big cloud kits.

Consider the device

When you’re looking into the cost of vaping you need to consider the device you buy. If you’re trying to keep costs low while you quit the cigs then have a look for a device that is cheap to buy and to maintain.

For example, the SMOK Nord Pod Kit is a starter kit that packs a punch and has super cheap coils. Alternatively, the Aspire Rover 2 is a high quality, durable, step-up on a starter kit for those trying to kick the habit. It has a few extra features, such as a screen, adjustable watts and airflow and a huge 2200mAh battery.

Read up all about the Aspire Rover 2 in our review.

Basic starter kit prices start at £10. However, if you want to save money in the long run then invest in a pod or a pen with coils. They last longer so you won’t have to keep buying those disposable tops.

If you’re seriously thinking about switching then chances are you’re wondering “how much does vaping cost?” or is it going to be worth it?

The investment of vaping Vs smoking

Here’s a breakdown of the investment you might make if you decide to start vaping:

– A device (The Innokin Endura T18 II Mini Kit) £29.99

– A juice (Red rocket) £5 per 10ml

– Coils (T18-E Prism coils) 5 for £12

Total for this lot from Vape and Juice was £46.99 (Get 10% off with the discount code WELCOME10)

I was previously spending £27 a week (or more if I had a night out!). Now I get a juice each week for £5 and a new coil every two to three weeks.

If you’re spending £30 pound a week on smokes then you’ll start saving money by the second week of vaping!

What are the ongoing costs of vaping?

There are some ongoing costs after your initial investment. These include:

  • Eliquid
  • Coils 

However, these are still cheaper than ONE packet of cigarettes! You may also decide that overtime you want to upgrade your device, which will be another cost. Although if you are really trying to keep costs down then you should think about getting a device that also has some advanced features but is suitable for newbie vapers. Take a look at the Rover 2. This kit is ideal for people who want something easy to use but with a few extra features. 

Starter kits to consider

vape starter kit lost vape

smok starter kit

starter vape kits low cost

Starter E-juice to try

mint vape juice starter kit

vampire vape Ejuice

vampire vape deal

Are you convinced that vaping costs less than smoking? Visit our starter kits page to see what will be best for you.

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