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Can I take my vape abroad?

Sangria, sun, and a tank full of strawberry custard e-liquid. You’re vaping on holiday and living the dream…

However, before you vape on holiday it is important to know the rules of the country you’re travelling to so that you don’t end up with an awkward telling off, or a fine. You’ll also want to know which countries don’t sell vape gear, because in this case you’ll need to pack extra.

Here are a few popular destinations we’ve been asked about and the rules for vaping in their country. 


Planning a vape while you’re touring the pyramids? Fine. However, in Egypt they have banned the sale of e-cig products, so you’ll need to stock up on plenty of juice, spare coils, tanks – the lot. Accidents happen!


If you’re heading over to Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia or Singapore then you’ll need to be careful as vaping is banned. In many APAC countries there are restrictions, so check before you start blowing clouds.

Australia and New Zealand

You won’t be able to buy vape juice with nicotine in it here, but using your vape pen (assuming you brought enough e-liquid with you) is okay.


If you’re off to Mexico then stock up on necessities before you go; the sale and import of vape liquid is illegal over there.


Spain, and in fact most of Europe, is a go when it comes to selling vape products (as long as you’re over 18, that is.) Oh and even better news, if you’re off to Ibiza this year you’ll be good to go – there’s a brand new Vape and Juice opening there in Summer 2017 to cater for all your needs!

Order your products from Vape and Juice before you go on holiday, and use the code ‘FREESHIP’ for free UK postage. Stay off the cigarettes this Summer!

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