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New Rules and Regulations for Vaping in the UK

New Rules and Regulations for Vaping

The new rules and regulations of vaping were brought in last year, but from May 20th all vape retailers will have to abide by them. Here’s a summary of what’s going to be changing this month and how it might affect your vaping experience.

  • Vitamins, colourings and additives in e-liquids will be banned. This includes taurine and caffeine, so you might find some of your favourite juices containing these are off the shelf.
  • Refill containers can not exceed 10ml. This will mean that there will be an increase of packaging costs, and larger bottles will be a thing of the past. Stock up on these while you can!
  • Maximum strength of nicotine will be 20mg. Previously the top strength, most popular with heavy smokers, was 24mg. This will now be reduced to 20mg. You may also struggle to get DIY juices, as sale of these will be regulated as well.
  • Maximum tank size of 2ml. “Sub Ohm” and high performance vaping tanks have often had larger capacities to accommodate bigger coils and faster juice consumption, among other things. Even some mouth-to-lung tanks have been similarly sized. From May, though, you’ll be filling up more often, and your choice of tanks will be limited.
  • Tanks must be leakproof. Good news! Now that tanks have to be ‘leakproof at the point of refilling’, we can all say goodbye to those rare moments where we find our tanks sitting in a small pool of juice.
  • Health warnings. Health warnings are going to have to cover 30% of the packaging, so you might find that the sleek, cool design you’re used to seeing on your bottle will be a little different 
  • Child-resistant and tamper evident. Say goodbye to those pipettes and screw top bottles; from May 20th, all bottles must have the same kind of caps that you’ll be familiar with from products like eye drops or mouthwash.


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