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Can I Buy CBD JUUL Pods UK?

CBD JUUL Pods UK Advice

Are you looking for JUUL CBD pods or JUUL compatible pods that you can fill up with CBD?

Unfortunately, JUUL’s company policy is that they don’t sell pods for CBD. This means that if you want to vape cannabidiol in your device, you will need to find a new way around it. This might be by refilling your JUUL pod, or you may have to purchase a new and more suitable kit. 

Time for a new kit?

When you use JUUL you will be restricted to flavours, unable to vape CBD and it can be quite costly in terms of buying new pods every time you run out of e-liquid. We explore options, including a JUUL like kit and other refillable pod kits.

What are the other options to replace JUUL for vaping CBD?

There is another type of pod kit on the market, the refillable pod system. This is arguably the best value as you will be able to refill the pod multiple times. A 10ml bottle of juice will fill your pod up around five times rather than just the once. 

Athena Pod Kit 

Athena CBD vape kit


The Athena Pod Kit is another simple device, much like JUUL. It is portable, light, discreet and smart looking. The battery is larger than both the JUUL and Ignite One, coming in at 400mAh. In the kit you will get 2 refillable pods. Once you have got to the end of their life you will be able to buy more refillable pods. However, this will work out cheaper than buying a pod every time you run out of e-liquid

When you buy your first CBD fluid from Vape and Juice we will send you an Athena pod kit for free. Add your liquid and the kit to your cart, then use the code AthenaCBD at checkout where the cost of the kit will be removed.


    Smok Nord 

    SMOK Nord


    The Smok Nord is smart looking refillable kit. Again, it is easy to use and lightweight, just as pod kits are. If you are out and about all day without access to a charger then you will enjoy the 1100mAh battery in this small device. It should have no problem keeping up with you vaping CBD without a charge for the day. 

    With the SMOK Nord refillable pod kit you just need to replace the coils rather than the whole pod. This is easy to do, even if you are a novice vaper. 

    In the end, using a refillable kit will allow you to access great C.B.D. vape oils brands such as Dutchie Originals.


    VooPoo Drag Nano

    Voopoo Drag Nano


    The VooPoo Drag Nano kit is a refillable pod device with a 750mAh battery and a 1ml pod. This means that you can refill the pod 10x with a 10ml bottle of CBD IBZ. It is easy to use, stylish device, with various colourways. 

    You will be able to refill the pod over and over with your favourite CBD e-liquid, without worrying about single-use plastic or buying expensive pods.


    What is Ignite One?

    Ignite One


    The Ignite One is a pod device, much like the JUUL. Its is a soft touch, a rechargeable vape pen that is very easy to use. The device is super portable and discreet, it weighs in at just 22g and is 100mm tall.

    Ignite One has a larger internal battery than the JUUL. JUUL’s battery is 200mAh, whereas Ignite One is 380mAh. This should last you a little longer between charges which is ideal if you are out and about with no chance to plug it in.

    Just like the JUUL, Ignite One operates with a disposable pod system. The pods are prefilled with CBD and can be easily inserted into your pod device. Much like the JUUL, this will limit your flavours and be more costly than buying refillable pods and eliquids (more on this later). However, at least with Ignite One you will be able to vape CBD.

    Verdict on the Ignite One CBD pen

    • Easy to use
    • Enjoy CBD
    • Larger battery than the JUUL
    • Various CBD flavours in the range 


    So, while you won’t find refillable JUUL pods or CBD JUUL pods UK side, there are plenty of great alternatives. If you are really committed to your JUUL, then you can refill them using a hack on Youtube, however, this may well be more prone to leaks!

    What CBD fluid should I buy?

    We have a range of CBD juices, ranging from authentic cannabis flavours to vape like flavours. When choosing a Cannabis oil you will want to consider the mg, the volume of liquid, flavour and whether it is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate. Here are three of our best selling juices to try in your new vaping pod. 

    Dutchie Originals – Purple Haze 


    Purple Haze from Dutchie Originals is a full-spectrum vaporising oil. It contains 5% terpenes, 250mg CBD and less than 0.2% THC. This low level of THC will not have any psychoactive effects. 

    Dutchie Originals offer authentic cannabis flavours based on various strains. You may notice effects such as creativity and contentment, happiness and relaxation. This e-oil may help with conditions such as stress, pain, fatigue, depression and headaches. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, then this could be a good CBD option for you. 

    OG KUSH – Green House Terpenes 

    Can I Buy CBD JUUL Pods UK?

    OG Kush is another authentic cannabis flavour. This e-fluid contains the terpenes pinene, humulene and linalool. These terpenes may help with relaxation and inflammation relief. Other flavours include Gorilla Glue and Gelato.

    Green House liquids contain 300mg CBD and come in a 30ml bottle. Each different flavour may help with various conditions and ailments. 



    CBD IBZ is an exclusive to Vape and Juice. If you are someone who likes a fruity vape like flavour with your CBD, then you will enjoy this. Flavours include Apple Pie, French Vanilla, Candy Apple, Blue Slush, Strawberry and more. 

    CBD IBZ does not contain terpenes or THC as it is a CBD isolate. However, you may still enjoy benefits from the cannabinoid such as relief from depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, stress, headaches, period pain and more. 

    Why refill a pod? 

    • Save money
    • More choice of flavours and CBD strengths 
    • Not tied to one brand 
    • Better for the environment


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