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Aspire Coils Guide

Aspire coils guide

Aspire Coils Guide

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about your Aspire coils. We dive into:

  • Are all aspire atomisers the same
  • Which coil for which kit
  • Know your Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils from your Nautilus X
  • How to make it last

Are all Aspire atomisers the same?

Whether you are new to vaping, or have been doing it a while, coils can still get confusing. Which one do you need for your kit? Which one is best for which e liquid and vaping style? We’re going to make it all as clear as possible in our Aspire coils guide.

Recognise your kit from the list? We’re going show you the coils for these.

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Revvo coils guide x30 rover coils 
Zelos 2 coils guide avp pro coils guide 
Aspire NXT Breeze coil Mulus coils guide

Coils you need for your kit


This is one created for the tank by the same name. The coil has options for both vaping styles, with a ohm range between 0.5-1.2ohms.

The range in ohms also means that you can have either big VG or PG eliquids, depending on the coil you have installed. If you’ve got thicker VG in the tank then you want the 0.5ohm, for dense cloud and a smooth throat hit. Anything over that, you’ll be best choosing your starter juices.

The coil above 1ohm will give you a more discreet vape and a more intense throat hit.

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AIO is optimised for nic salts and ideal for ML vapers of the world. They have a 1.8ohm resistance and fit the simple and affordable AIO kit.

These don’t give you massive clouds, but they do deliver on nicotine and a perfect ML draw.

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Cleito EXO

These are designed for your EXO and tank of the same name. They use a Clapton Kanthal wire to provide a fast and even heat up.

Cleito EXO Aspire coils are for the sub ohm vapers. They are going to give you top of the range flavour and cloud production. You can choose from 0.2 ohms, 0.27 ohm 0.4 ohms, or mesh versions.

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Revvo kit

These are different looking atomisers to your traditional BVC. The disk-like structures have a large surface area for effective wicking. They’re going to give you great flavour production in your Revvo kit.

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X30 Rover

Here is a bit of tech that is perfect for the new vaper and ex smoker. It uses a 1.8ohm Nautilus coil at 12-15W. Ideal for high PG, salts and CBD.

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Zelos 2

Zelos 2 takes a BVC (bottom vertical coil) in 0.4ohm for restricted direct lung vaping, or 1.8ohm for your more traditional cig-a-like draw. The coils are interchangeable with other Nautilus coils. This gives you more options to personalise your vaping experience.

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Rover 2

This is a device that you will need the Nautilus X collection for. These are available in 0.7ohm mesh and 1.5 and 1.8ohm U-Tech. You will be topping up with higher PG juice, with the coils above 1ohm for the best experience. 

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The AVP Pro uses their own specific coils. The AVP pro coils come in 0.65 mesh, or 1.15ohms.

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Breeze NXT

For the NXT Aspire created an exclusive ‘push fit’ mesh coil with fantastic wicking capabilities. You can get these in 0.8ohm mesh and they are specific to this device.


This kit takes both the Tigon coils and the Nautilus coils. Each type will give you a slightly different vaping experience.

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The BP60 Mesh is for the device of the same name. It has two options, either 0.3 ohm mesh or 0.6ohm double shot. If you want intense flavour, vapor and a rich vape experience, then go for the 0.3. If you want an insane flavour that is dual heated, then you’ll be choosing the 0.6ohm.

Aspire Pockex

This is a kit that takes either 0.6ohm or 1.2ohm MTL coil specifically designed for this kit only. The 0.6 is said to be ideal for sub vaping, for people who are after more clouds and a lower nic dose. The 1.2 is perfect for vapers who are after an ML vape with a high nicotine content.

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How can I prolong my coil lifespan?

Be sure to check that you are using the recommended wattage for your coils. This will help you get a satisfying vape as well as prolong the life of them.

Other ways to prolong the life of Aspire coils include:

  • Avoid dry hits by letting the juice steep
  • Keep them clean
  • Vape at the correct wattage

We go into loads more detail about how to look after your vape coils on our blog.

Nautilus X vs Nautilus 

Nautilus X coils are designed only for the X and XS vape tank of the same name. They provide a tighter draw and harsher throat hit. 

Nautilus coils are for the Aspire Nautilus, Aspire Nautilus Mini , Aspire Nautilus 2 and Aspire Nautilus 2S vape tanks. They range from 0.4ohms to 1.8ohms. 

Can I use all liquids?

The type of juice you use will depend on the resistance of the coil. If the coil is 0.5ohm or below, you’ll be able to use your high VG. If the kit is below 1ohm, then you could opt for a slightly higher VG to PG ratio, such as 60/40. Over 1ohm and you’ll want high PG. Nic salts are best at 1.8ohms.

Still unsure? Head over to our beginners guide to vaping.

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