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How to Refill a Logic Compact Vape Kit?

Refill a Logic Compact Vape Kit

Save money and experience new flavours

The Logic Compact Kit is a small and simple device. It is ideal for new vapers and those looking to vape CBD. However, there’s a downfall with this product, you can’t buy refillable pods. Refillable pods save you money, allow you to access more e-liquids and CBD, as well as save the environment from single-use plastic waste.

However, we’ve got a hack that allows you to refill the Compact Logic vape pod kit. This will allow you to actually vape CBD eliquid as well as try flavours that aren’t available through Logic.

You will need:

  • Your Compact Logic 
  • A bottle of juice (try Red Rocket if you like cherry and aniseed)
  • Mini screwdriver 

How to refill your Logic pod kit

Look at the pod and you will see the mouthpiece one end and a metal cap at the bottom. Down the side, you will see there is a small square. Use the small, flat head screwdriver and gently push the metal top off. 

It isn’t too easy the first time but keep at it. Gradually it should ping off. You can then take off the plastic cap, under this is where the e-liquid goes.

The rubber bung you will see in the pod is designed to prevent leakage into the mouthpiece, but we know that Logic is known for having leaky devices… 

Next task is to empty out any of the juice in there and give it a little clean. Just wipe it around with a piece of tissue and that should do the trick. 

Squeeze the e-liquid you have chosen down the sides of the bung, try not to get it down the middle. 

Push the plastic cap back on and then add the metal cap. 

Pop the pod back in and you are good to go!

Still want Logic Pods?

If you still want them then this link to Amazon is the best price we found for the full range:

Why refill your Logic Vape?

  • Save money

It will cost you around £3.33 per 10ml if you buy 3 for £10. This will fill a pod the size of the Logic one up 6-7 times. When you buy the official pods you will get 3-4 pods for about £10. This is a huge cost saving

  • A wider range of e-liquids 

When you are tied to one brand, such as logic pods, they will only have a few flavours. At Vape and Juice, we stock hundreds of vape flavours as well as CBD vape liquid. They can work with nicotine free eliquid and nic salts.

  • More nicotine choice

You might not want a high nicotine level as this can be harsh on your throat. Choose to refill your Logic vape kit if you want a better range of nicotine levels, including 0,3 and 6mg. 

If you haven’t bought a logic vape kit yet, but are thinking about it, consider other devices. Logic Compact certainly has its downfalls and while it is cheap, the quality reflects this. There are other reasonably priced kits on the market that will offer you a much better vape experience. Below we have listed a few pod kits that we think you might like. 

vape pod kits

Vape Voopoo Nano SMOK Nord Green

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