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Aspire Mulus Pod Kit Vs the Snow Wolf Afeng Kit

afeng vs mulus

Over the last few years, we have seen a rise of the pod. 

People are choosing small,  stylish and smart devices for various reasons, such as:

  • To use nic salts 
  • To vape CBD
  • As a second, more portable kit
  • As a simple starter device to quit smoking 

Pod devices can either be closed or open systems. Closed pods mean that you can’t refill the pod, such as JUUL, open means you can. 

Some pods are more advanced than others with screens, power settings and sub ohm coils. Other pods simply have no fire button and a light system to let you know the battery power.

We take a look at and compare two pod devices that we are sure will be a hit in 2020. The devices we are going to explore are the Aspire Mulus Pod Kit and the Snow Wolf Afeng Kit 

Firstly, let’s look at the key features of both devices. 

The Aspire Mulus

  • Fast Charging
  • Removable 18650 Battery
  • Bonus 18650 Battery
  • 4 different styles to choose from
  • Adjustable Power from 1-80 watts
  • Works with High VG eliquid
  • Adjustable airflow and watts 

The Snow Wolf Afeng Kit 

snowwolf afeng

  • Mouth to lung
  • High PG eliquids, nic salts and CBD
  • Easy to refill 
  • External 18650 battery 
  • 5 different colours 
  • 16-22 watts depending on battery life 

Let’s talk differences 

The first difference you will notice is the fact that Afeng Kit is best suited for high PG whereas Aspire Mulus is ideal for high VG. What does this mean? Well, high PG and high VG suit vapers for different reasons. 

High PG is ideal for those who have just quit smoking and want a good throat hit, flavour and higher nicotine strength. High  VG is suited to those who want to try more premium flavours, enjoy huge clouds and rich flavour. High VG goes up to 6mg nicotine and is suited to direct to lung vaping. 

This leads us on to the next difference. Mulus offers the ability to use mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaping styles, whereas Afeng allows for mouth to lung only. Mouth to lung is ideal for newly quit smokers as it mimics the act of smoking best. With the Mulus you are able to do both depending on which coil you install.

Buying the Mulus over the Afeng will mean that you won’t need to buy another device should you decide later down the line that you like MTL vaping.

On both devices you can adjust wattage, however, the power and how to make the adjustment differs with each device. The Mulus has a range of 1-80 watts, which is adjusted using the arrow buttons. The Afeng ranges from 16-22 watts which are adjusted by clicking the power button 3 times. The higher wattage will require you to have a good charge in your battery.

What’s the same?

Both the Snow Wolf Afeng and the Aspire Mulus have an external 18650 battery. Having an external battery means you can carry spares so you aren’t caught out. However, make sure you never carry the batteries lose in your pocket, they should be kept in a case. 

The next similarity is size. The Afeng measures  78.5mm by 44mm by 22.5mm 

The Mulus is slightly taller at 97.4 mm x 50 mm x 24 mm. They are both easily portable and pocket-sized.  

Just like all pod kits, these devices are really easy to use. Filling up the 2ml pod tanks and replacing coils is simple. They’re both refillable too, meaning you don’t need to buy a new pod every time yours runs out. This saves you money as you will just need to buy an e-liquid rather than several pods. You will also have more freedom with e-liquid choice as you won’t be tied to a specific brand.


The Aspire Mulus comes at a higher price point, however, you do get more options such as the ability to vape MTL and DTL. The power is also higher. The Snow Wolf Afeng is lower in price, making it a great entry point for newly ex-smokers and those looking for a second kit for nic salts or CBD.

Which device?

Both of these pod kits are great, they each have their pro points. Consider if you want to vape direct to lung or mouth to lung, and which eliquids you like.

If you want both MTL and DTL then opt for the Mulus. If you just want to use high PG liquids and high nicotine with MTL in order to best replicate smoking then opt for Afeng.



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