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Logic Vape Compact Vs JUUL

Logic Compact Vape VS JUUL

Logic vape Compact or JUUL? Or neither?

Pod vapes have certainly been a hot topic of 2019. We’ve seen some great pod systems on the market, and some not so great too. In this blog, we are going to take Logic vape Compact and JUUL into the ring to battle it out.

Do any of them win? Are there Juul alternatives? If so, why? We’re going to tell you all of this to make it easier when deciding between kits that look pretty similar. 

Logic and Juul alternatives

Logic Vape Compact 

Logic Vape Compact is one of the new kits from the company. It is a sleek and portable device measuring just 10cm long. You’ll find it in slate grey, steel blue, rose gold, champagne gold and emerald green. 

The pods are designed to be single-use and thrown away once the e-liquid is empty (but we’ve got a hack video for that). The pod holds 1.7ml of e-liquid and they come in packs of 2 for £5.99 on the official Logic website.  

Due to the fact that the pods are only available from Logic, you are required to buy from them. This limits your choice of e-liquid flavours to just 14, rather than the thousands that are on the market.  


  • Compact and easy to use with no fire button
  • Mouth to lung – replicating smoking
  • Low battery indicator – LED flashes 10 times 
  • Ideal for nic salts or CBD Eliquid


  • 340 mAh battery which is tiny. You’ll likely need to charge during the day
  • Non-refillable pods, limiting flavour choice 
  • No nicotine free eliquid option
  • No screen to display battery or information
  • Pods more expensive than a bottle of e-juice
  • Charges in 74 minutes

JUUL Vape  

JUUL looks very similar to Logic vape Compact. It also has the same mouth activated draw and LED light system. It is a little smaller than the Logic Compact at 8.7cm. 

However, some of its features fall down, such as the size of the pod. The pod of a JUUL is just 0.7ml which is roughly 200 puffs. The battery is also smaller at just 200mAh. If you are out and about all day and don’t have access to a charger then JUUL or Logic aren’t for you. There are great pod kits with much bigger batteries, some even 1500mAh or more, such as the SMOK Nord 2 

The JUUL system also requires you to buy refills every time your pod runs out, which judging by the size of the pod, is going to be quite often! Like the Logic Compact, this will also limit your flavour choice. 


  • Easy to use and compact 
  • Takes 45 minutes to fully charge
  • No buttons to worry about if you want something simple


  • 200 mAh battery which is very small
  • 0.7ml pod size, which will run out within 200 puffs
  • Non-refillable pods, limiting flavour choice 
  • No screen to display battery or information
  • Pods more expensive than a bottle of e-juice

Which pod is best – Logic Vape Compact or JUUL?

It’s a hard one for us to answer, to be honest. We personally don’t think either of them is good enough pod for us to sell. If it isn’t good enough for us, then it isn’t good enough for you.  

We stock pod kits with refillable pods, bigger batteries and sometimes even LED screens. They’re all at a similar price point too. Having refillable pods will save you some money too. One bottle of 10ml e-juice is around £5, whereas 2 pods containing 1.7ml each is £5.99 from Logic Vape. JUUL are even more costly and for less liquid. 

Still Want the Logic or Juul?

If you don’t want to see what else is out there, here’s the best link we found for Juul on Amazon:

Logic and Juul Alternatives? 

Caliburn G 

The Caliburn G is a compact, refillable pod device. It has a sleek design with a ribbed finish, which actually helps with grip. 

This device has an internal 690mAh battery, which is triple the size of JUUL  – you’ll certainly be getting more than 200 puffs from this one. The battery is charged using the C-Port, which is faster than your standard USB. 

The Caliburn G has 2 airflow settings to allow you to control your draw, which could be an absolute game changer. In terms of flavor, the Caliburn G is great. The mesh coils come in either 0.8ohm or 1ohm, allowing you to use 50/50 or 60 VG/40 PG.

You will need to replace coils in this device, but honestly, it is very simple. It also works out cheaper, in the long run, to replace coils and top up juice than it does to buy single-use plastic pods.

Your Caliburn is refillable, unlike some other pods. This means you can refill with your chosen e liquid, which saves you money AND allows you to sample a much wider range of flavours. 

Caliburn G Blue

SMOK Nord 2 

The SMOK Nord 2 is the perfect bit of kit if you want something simple to help you quit smoking, with a few bells and whistles. 

This device has adjustable power up to 40W. This just means you are able to adjust the power to find your vape sweet spot. 

You will need to change coils in this device, but as we have said, this is really easy and works out cheaper. The coils you get with this are ideal for all types of eliquid too. If you use the 0.4ohm coil it will be ideal for high VG and sub ohm vaping, where as the 0.8ohm will be best for 50/50 juices or nic salts and cig a like draw vaping (perfect for quitting smoking. 

The battery on this device is 1500mAh, which will have no problem lasting you the day. We love this kit for customers who are wanting to quit smoking but quite fancy a few additional features for once they have got the hang of vaping. 

SMOK Nord 2

>”>If you are interested in learning more about the Pod devices we have on offer, check out our blog >>


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