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Your vape story...


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Your vape story...

This is an incredible story about how vaping can have a seriously positive impact on your health. Thanks for sharing! Keep them coming, email 

My vaping journey starts I had a brain tumour which was attached at the front of the brain and on to my left eye. I had the tumor removed successfully but was left with blurred vision and also damaged my pituitary gland so none of my hormones work. Because of this I suffer from a low immune system, I was told that I was more susceptible to catching colds etc.

My wife was worried that with me smoking I would be more at risk of getting cancer I stumbled across a vape store in Sutton and I had a chat with the gentleman there about vaping and started my journey there. Since I have started vaping my wife is noticed a significant change in my health, not getting coughs as often or chest pains and being able to run around with the children a lot more my wife who is a non smoker can see the benefits in me and is more than happy with me Vaping.

I took a visit to my doctor and told her that I was now Vaping and she asked me to blow into one of these smoking tubes and I came back as a non smoker. She said she could see the health benefits in me as well although she wasn't necessarily recommending vaping at this time.

I have not looked back in the almost 5 years that I started Vaping I have helped numerous people to quit smoking; my next door neighbour, my best friend and a grandmother at my local school - she couldn't believe it how much it has helped her health wise. 

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Arran O'Neill

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