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A vape story...


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quitting smoking and vaping

We asked, you answered! Thank you for this amazing story. If you also want to win a £50 voucher, send us your vape story. If we post it on our blog and share on social media you will get £50 voucher. 

I started vaping 2 1/2 years ago with the help of Rob and Mark in the Colchester branch, never ever did I think I could quit the fags, with their help and support I managed it.

Healthwise I have never felt this good in 20 years. It kickstarted me in to running, in that time I have completed 5 marathons and 13 half marathons raising lots of money for charity. I currently am using an Aspire mod and my fav juice is Grinnys Heath's 'like a doughnut'.

I have encouraged a few work friends to try vaping with 2 people successfully quitting. Overall I have saved money, but tend to buy the latest device, however still cheaper then £10 a day smoking.

Overall I would say Vape and Juice has hopefully added a few years to my life, cheers guys!

Pictured: Celebration vape after Chelmsford marathon. 

Arran O'Neill

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