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Can you vape and drive?

can you vape and driveYes, you can vape and drive.
However, police officers have issued a warning about the use of vape devices while driving and there are some pretty big punishments if you are caught distracted by your vape.

Vapers could risk up to £2,500 in fines, points on their licence and even a driving disqualification if they are caught driving without care and attention. Vaping while driving is said to be a distraction. The large clouds can cause loss of vision and increase the risk of a crash.

Vape residue can also build up on the front windscreen, which is highlighted at night with the headlights beaming onto it. Make sure you take time to clean off the windscreen before you drive as this can really impair your vision.

It is suggested that if you are going to vape and drive then ensure you have the windows open to allow the vapour to clear. We would also suggest topping up your vape with e liquid before you set off on the road. Same goes for the battery too, you don’t want to be fumbling about for your in car charger when you’re going 70mph on the M40.

So while you can vape and drive it is always best to pay full attention to the road at all times. If you are traveling in the car with someone then ask them to top up your juice, or plug your cable into the in car charger. Don’t risk doing it yourself and getting a hefty fine, or even banned from driving. Alternatively you might want to consider a squonk mod so that you aren’t dripping and driving.  


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