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Why does my Vape Spit and Crackle?

Why vape spit

Vape Spit, Crackle and Pop

Have you ever noticed that your vape spits and crackles? Are you wondering why does my vape spit? It can be pretty annoying getting hot vape juice fired back at you. Thankfully, there are a few tricks to make sure that your vape device doesn’t do this. 

Why does my vape spit?

The cause of vape spitback is because e-juice is pooled up on the coil and is cooking, rather than being vaporised as it should be. This flooding can be caused by a number of factors such as over saturating your coil and using the wrong vaping technique for your device (ie trying to do direct to lung using mouth to lung kit).

In this blog, we are going to tell you what you need to check and change in order to prevent vape spitting. If you try all of these tips and nothing changes, then you might be best taking it back to the shop you brought it from and having them check for faults. 

Remove excess liquid 

In your vape tank there will be a centre post. When excess e liquid runs down the centre it falls into the middle of the vape coil. To clean this up and take a piece of tissue and push it down the centre of the tank to clean out the excess ejuice. 

Don’t overfill your tank

Be careful not to fill the tank past the fill line. Having too much vape juice in your tank can cause a flood in your coil and therefore vape spitting. 

Careful not to over-prime the coil

Priming your new coil is important to avoid dry hits. However, if you want to avoid vape spit, then you need to make sure you don’t over saturate the chamber. This can cause a flood of eliquid and spit back as a result. 

Try a thicker e-liquid

If you are using a big cloud kit and a high PG eliquid then you will be more likely to flood the atomiser. This is because PG is much thinner than VG. VG is thicker and therefore slows down the wicking. Shop high VG eliquids >

Close the airflow a little

To prevent too much e juice reaching the coil you could reduce the airflow on your tank. 

Adjust the power

When you vape with low wattage you may find that you are not vaping the e-liquid quickly enough for your wick. Up your watts by 5-10 if you have a variable wattage mod. 

Fire her up

Before you take a drag on your vape, try pressing the fire button. You should hear those dreaded spitting and popping sounds fade into the distance. Once they have stopped, try giving it a vape. 

Change your coil

Certain coils, such as Clapton coils and twisted coils, are more prone to spit back. This is because of the nooks and crannies that the e-liquid can collect in. If spit back is really causing you an issue and you use a fancy coil, it might be worth switching to something a little simpler. 

Vape spitting and cracking can be really frustrating. We suggest that you try the various tips above. However, if you are still having issues then you might be in line for a whole new tank.

Why a pod kit might be best for you

If you are really struggling with your kit spitting then you might want to look at a pod kit. Pod kits are pretty simple devices, however, more are coming to market with a few extra bells and whistles. These devices are best suited to high PG e liquids, but you will find some, such as the SMOK RPM 40 kit which is suitable for high VG too.

Pod kits are discrete and pocket sized. Perfect for you if you aren’t into having your device bulging out your pockets. They’re much less likely to have vape spit back too which is a bonus!

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