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Different types of vape device – Pros and Cons of each

Vape device options

Which type of vape device should you choose?

If you are just considering whether to start vaping, then you might start researching different devices. There’s a whole world out there and it might feel a little daunting as you move away from the simple cigarettes you’ve always known.

However, you shouldn’t let it put you off because you feel it is complicated and there are too many different types of vapes. It really doesn’t have to be. There are of course people who take vaping super serious and enter cloud competitions and build their own coils, but that is a small percentage of people. Those who are just using vaping as a quit smoking aid and nothing more, tend to keep things a little simpler. 

There are four types of device that we are going to discuss in this blog. These are:

  • Cig-A-Likes 
  • Vape Pens 
  • Mods 
  • Pod Mods

They each have their pros and cons, and they might not all be suitable for you and your requirements. We’re going to look in detail at each type of kit to help you decide which one will help you quit smoking. 

Cig-A-Like Vape Device 

The cig-a-like was the first type of vape available. It was invented in 1963 by Hon Lik and Herbert Gilbert, however, it didn’t become popular here in England until around 2012. 

The name describes this type of device pretty well. It looks like a cigarette and lights up when you take a draw. It has the same draw as a cigarette and you bring the vapour into your mouth and then your lungs. These devices took cartridges which you had to buy for your specific cig-a-like kit. Some were even disposable. 

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of cig-a-like devices 

Pro – Replicates smoking with the mouth to lung draw

This might be favourable if you are someone who has smoked for years and wants to really stick to the feeling of smoking. 

Pro – Easy to use 

With a vape device such as this, you don’t need to change coils or even refill e-liquid. If you are after something super simple then you might look at the cig-a-like. 

Con – Battery is small

Battery on the standard cig-a-like is anything between 100-300mAh. This isn’t massive, at all. So it would be likely to run out on you while you are out and about. Some of the cig-a-like vape devices are single use, meaning you throw them away once the battery has run out. 

Con – Not much vapour

The cig-a-like isn’t designed to provide a great deal of vapour. This might be a pro for discrete vaping, however, there is something satisfying about actually breathing out a decent cloud. 

Con – Flavour and nicotine restriction

When you buy a cig-a-like vape device you will be limited to using the flavours and nicotine levels from the brand. Often, cartridges screw on to your kit and cannot be altered. While this means you save yourself filling up ejuice, you are limited to a select number of flavours and nicotine levels. 

Con – Costly 

Buying cartridges and refills can prove quite costly.

Vape Pens 

Vape pens

A vape pen is a refillable stick device. They come in various sizes, but they are all in a pen shape. These types of kits also have varying degrees of power but are still relatively simple to use. You should also note that there are different types, some of which are mouth to lung such as Innokin Endura, others that are direct to lung such as SMOK Stick and others that are both depending on the coil in use.

Vape pens are able to be refilled using your personal choice of e-liquid. They generally have larger batteries and you have the option to change coils rather than replace the whole device or tank. This can be a real penny saver. 

Here are a few pros and cons of vape pens.

Pro – Easy to use 

A vape pen is very easy to use. You would simply push the fire button and take a draw on the device. To turn it off you would push the fire button 5 times, depending on the device, but they generally all work like this. To fill up your e-juice or replace the coil it is also simple. You buy premade coils so there is no need to build your own. 

Pro – Replicates smoking

If you opt for a mouth to lung device then this will replicate smoking best. There are lots of MTL devices on the market to choose from. 

Pro – Affordable 

Vape pens are usually not too pricey. They can range from £10 up to £80 for a high end kit. As someone starting out you’d probably spend around £20-£50 on a decent vape pen that will see you through. If you decide you really like vaping with a vape pen, then you might upgrade once you have got to know what you like. 

Pro – Juice and nicotine options 

Filling up your own e-juice means that you can actually choose from 1000s of flavours and VG:PG ratios, not to mention nicotine levels. 

Pro – Larger battery and pass through charging

Batteries on vape pens are generally larger than those on cig-a-like devices. They can range from 280 to 3000mAh, depending on the device you choose. If you are going for something a little cloudy like the Smok Stick V8 then you will enjoy a 3000mAh battery as the coil needs more power. 

Often you will be able to vape as you charge your device. This is called pass through charging. However, it isn’t available with the super cheap vape pens such as the C4 kits.

Con – Not always a display 

On larger box mods you might have a display. On vape pens there is usually not a display to tell you power, watts or battery life. This might be okay if you want to keep it simple and not worry about watts, but knowing battery life could be important to you. Some vape pens do have displays, but most don’t. If a display and control is important to you then check out box mods. 

Con – Can’t make adjustments

You might be able to change the airflow on your vape pen, but you probably won’t be able to adjust watts or temperature. 

Box Mods 

box mod

A box mod appeal to people who have been vaping for a little while. People often don’t start out with a box mod right from cigarettes, it is usually as an upgrade. Box mods allow you to really personalise your vape, so it is ideal if you know what you like! 

Mods provide a cloudy, flavoursome vape that you can really tailor to suit your preferences. You’d use a sub ohm coil with a box mod, which has a resistance less than 1. The coil manufacturer will suggest the wattage for your coil, which has been calculated using ohms law. 

If you are thinking about building coils to really tailor your vape experience then you certainly need to know about ohms law and battery safety! We have a whole blog on this here > 

Now for the pros and cons of box mods.

Pro – Tailor your experience 

If you are someone who knows what they like, and you haven’t managed to find that with your standard vape devices, then you might like a box mod. A box mod has various buttons to allow you to adjust watts, power and sometimes even temperature. If you want to really tailor your vape then you can even build your own coils with some box mods. 

Pro – Big cloud! 

Box mods provide some decent clouds. If you fancy some thick and flavoursome cloud, then a box mod could be the choice. 

Pro – Big battery

Batteries in box mods are generally much larger than other devices. Some have internal batteries, where others have external. If you have external batteries then you could always carry spares (in a case!!) with you. 

Pro – Display 

The display is a big hit. It will show you battery life and various other settings. Some kits even have games and a clock! 

Pro – High VG, premium juices 

High VG eliquids are thicker than high PG. You need to use high VG in these mods. There are some really great flavours out on the market in high VG. 

Con – Might feel confused 

For someone who is super new to vaping, box mods might not be for you. They take a little more time to get to know and have a direct to lung pull, which isn’t like smoking. This might be a kit you upgrade to once you are used to vaping and know what more you want from it. 

Browse box mods here 

Vape Pod Kit 

nano vape pod

The Vape POD system is a halfway point between those cheap starter kits you buy from your local supermarket and the box mod with all the features imaginable.

Pods are small kits, that easily fit into your handbag or pocket. They have the added benefit of being super easy to use and still powerful little numbers. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a POD system as your new vape.

Pro – POD System is Simple

Your POD system will contain cartridges which contain a coil, wick and the e-liquid- so no need to faf about changing the coil, priming the wicks or filling up the e-liquid (unless you are using refillable GEM pods which you can buy here). These POD systems are pretty well priced too, and you can find a range of devices from lower to higher end.

Pro – Powerful

These devices are pretty powerful too. While you won’t be able to adjust the wattage, they have more power behind them to give you a satisfying puff.

Pro – Easy to use

We’ve covered that the POD system is simple, but it is also very easy to use. There are no buttons to push before you inhale, there is nothing to click to make adjustments, it just is what it is.

Pro – POD System is leak proof

There’s nothing worse than your vape device or a bottle of juice leaking in your pocket leaving you smelling of strawberries and cream or whatever is in your tank all day. The POD System is pre built so there is no chance of it leaking. If you are using GEM pods to refill your JUUL POD system then make sure you have your e-juice lid on tight before you put it in your pocket!  

Con – Smaller Tank Capacity

This is a smaller more portable device so of course, the tank will be smaller. The smallest of POD vape systems contain less than 1ml of e-juice, some, however, do have around 2ml which is about 2 packets of ciggies worth.

Con – Limited Flavours if you buy a closed pod system

When you buy a device such as the JUUL POD system then you are limited to 5 flavours. However, if you opt for refillable PODS just as the GEM POD then you will be able to fill up with any beginner liquid. 

Con- Less Battery Capacity

Some of the Box Mods can go on for days without needing a charge. However, the POD system will only last a few hours before you need to plug it in for a top-up. If you are using the POD device all day then you will want to make sure you have your charger to hand.

If you are looking for a device that is powerful,  portable and discrete then have a lookout for a POD system vape device which offers all of those things. It is a great device to have for quitting smoking and wanting something simple, or to have as a second vape when you go out- it fits much better in the pockets or handbags.

Browse POD System vape devices here.

So there you have four different types of vape device. If you are still unsure which kit you should choose for you, then drop by one of our stores, or chat with us online!

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