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Refillable Empty 4 pack of pods work with Juul Vape Kit

"Just like Juul Pods" is unashamedly not from Juul vape pod company themselves, Juul UK or overseas, but is entirely compatible. Also known as the Gem pods and works for your Juuling needs. So if you are looking on google for Juul pods for sale, or Juul pods cheap, then you have come to the right place.

Pack of 4 - Gem pods. Refillable and work in Juul Starter Kits amongst others.

This pack of 4 pods are entirely refillable, which means they can be reused far more than the conventional pods on the market for the Juul Vape Pods kit. 

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This product is not endorsed or owned by Juul and the makers of Gem pods make no link between the two brands. 

With refillable pods, you can save money by purchasing conventional eliquids in larger quantities to refill. Check out our range of eliquids here that can work well with these Gem pods that work in Juul vape pod kits. These are not the official Juul pods for the Juul starter kit.

Each pod holds 0.7ml, which means a pack of 4 pods that can work in the Juul vape kit system can hold 2.8ml when fully refilled. Therefore a 10ml eliquid should refill a 4 pack of pods nearly 4 times, for a total spend of £1 to £2 more than a conventional Juul vape pods refill pack of £9.99 for 4 non refillable pods and 2.8ml of eliquid.

Our promise to you. If you find these pods do not last as long as conventional Juul pods, we will give you your next pod free. Thats how confident we are in our pod packs. Just like Juul Pods*.

*Just Like Juul Pods is neither owned nor endorsed by Juul. These pods are just like the pods that go in a Juul vape kit and are otherwise known as Gem pods. These pods ARE refillable but come empty. These are not the official Juul pods for the Juul starter kit. 

Buy pods that work in a Juul vape kit online today for all your juuling needs.

We offer a range of shipping services. We have a Free standard shipping service that we advise takes between 2 to 5 working days from the day after order. This service is free and untracked generally. Therefore we cannot always give an exact delivery date on this service. BUT it's free and we don't ask for a minimum vape spend. 

We also offer:

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International regions, signed for and unsigned for.

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If for any reason, this product does not live up to the standard one reasonably expects of a vape pod for a juul kit like pod and is used with the correct higher PG range liquids, we will send you out a fresh replacement, no quibbles

If you order and are unused and wish to return, we have a 30 day return and refund service



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