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Can you Vape in Turkey? What about the plane?

Are you heading off on holiday? In this blog, we will share whether you can vape in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Dubai and Tunisia. We also answer some que

You’ll also find out whether you can vape on the plane and how to safely take your vape through airport security.

Read this to avoid some nasty holiday fines.


Turkey vaping nights out

Can I vape in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular holiday destination. Known for hot weather, decent food, bars, blue seas, sandy beaches and let’s not forget genuine fakes. 

If you are a vaper going to the sunny country this year then you’ll be punching into Google “can you vape in Turkey?” 

We know there are countries where vaping is not permitted, such as Vietnam, and places where it is restricted. Is Turkey on this list, is vaping banned here?

Can you vape in Turkey?

Yes, you can vape in Turkey. However, there are some restrictions and things to be aware of when travelling to the country. Each country has its own laws about vaping so it is always best to check before you travel. 

We have found that while vaping in Turkey is OK, buying e-cigarettes or e-liquids when you are there is not.

Can you vape in public in Turkey?

Yes, you can vape in Turkey’s public spaces, however, if smoking is banned there, then so is vaping. Same goes for restaurants. 

It is always best to ask the staff before you puff, to be polite and to not get kicked out.

Tips for vaping in Turkey

  • Check it is okay before you vape
  • Avoid vaping where smoking is banned
  • Be polite, don’t vape in an enclosed space or all over someone sunbathing next to you
  • Take enough eliquid and coils in case you can not find a vape shop close by

 Vaping on holiday tips

Can I vape in Spain?

Vaping in Spain is not illegal. However, you may find that there are some restrictions for where you can and cannot pull your kit out. 

In 2010, Spain adopted strict legislation to ban smoking in public spaces, such as bars, restaurants, clubs and public transport. Since then they have extended this legislation to cover the use of e-cigarettes. So as a rule of thumb, think anywhere you cannot smoke, you probably cannot vape.

If you are unsure about whether you are able to vape in a bar or restaurant it is always best to ask. If you have to step outside to enjoy the sweet and minty taste of Cool Crush from Doozy Vape then it isn’t like you’ll be out in the cold.

Can you vape in Spanish hotels? 

Public spaces in Spain, such as hotels, have banned smoking, which also extends to vapes and e cigs. If you are not sure whether you can vape in your Spanish hotel room, then ask at reception.

Arguably though, if you are in Spain to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful sites, chances are a vape and a coffee on the balcony will do the trick! 

Can I vape at the airport in Spain?

Some airports, such as Dubai and Amsterdam, have little pods where smoking is permitted inside the terminal. In these pods you are also allowed to use your vape, however, it never looks like a nice place to spend too much time. Spanish airports don’t have these pods, well no Spanish airports I have found. You can check if your airport has a smoking pod here

You are allowed to vape in designated smoking areas outside the airport terminal before you go through security.

Can I get through Spanish security with my vape?

Yes. You shouldn’t have any issues getting your device through the Spanish or English security gates. As vaping is legal in both countries you will sail through, providing you pack it correctly. 

Ensure that your e-liquids and your device are in a clear plastic bag, with your toiletries. You may be asked to demonstrate what the device is, so make sure that you have enough charge in it to show the security if asked.

Where is the best place to vape in Spain?

Personally, I love nothing more than watching the sunset on the beach, tank full of Ripe Co. Watermelon, and a cold beer. Great way to finish a day in Spain. On this note, the worst place is probably by the pool. If you keep your device in the burning sun it isn’t going to be too happy. 

Keep your vape in the shade or up in your room during your sunbathing, save it for the sunsets.

vape in Dubai

Can I vape in Dubia?

Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination for Brits. You’ll be aware that they have different laws and customs to those of the UK. There can be quite serious penalties for doing something that is legal back home.  This may have left you wondering, “can you vape in Dubai?”

Yes, you can vape in Dubai. 

Dubai has strict rules in regards to smoking in public places since 2009, you can no longer smoke in shopping malls and their entrances and hotels -the ban includes vape devices.

 If you are caught vaping or smoking, in one of these areas you can face a fine of Dhs2,000. The mall’s security is allowed to report offenders to the police too.

However, you can vape in Dubai in designated smoking areas. 

Tips for vaping in Dubai

  • Only vape where smoking is allowed
  • Only vape in the designated pod at the airport
  • Be respectful when you vape
  • Make sure it is clear that it is a vape device when you are travelling through airport security

Can I vape in Turkey

Can I vape in Thailand?

There can be some conflicting information online, so make sure you check the source of the info. Ours comes from the Royal Thai Embassy, London.

Can you vape in Thailand?

While vaping is used here in the UK and around the world to help people quit smoking, in Thailand it is illegal. You will not be able to vape there.

Vaping was made illegal in Thailand in 2014 due to health concerns. The Thai government was concerned that it was causing young people to take up smoking. 

What will happen if I’m caught vaping in Thailand?

If you are caught with an electric cigarette or vape device then you will be breaking the law. This is punishable by a fine, or even jail time.

This rule is applicable to both foreigners and Thais. When you go travelling to different countries it is very important to abide by their laws, even if you don’t agree with them.

Will I be able to take my device with me to Thailand?

It is best not to travel with your vape device. There have been cases of foreigners not being aware of the ban and being arrested or fined on the spot.

People have also had their kits confiscated at the airport. Your best bet is to leave your device back in the UK where you know it will be safe.

It is also important to know that you shouldn’t bring anything to do with vaping into the country, such as e-juice or coils.

How will I cope without my vape in Thailand?!

If you are using vaping to quit smoking you might be panicking at the thought of 2 weeks without your trusty vape.

We’d recommend that during this time you curb your nicotine cravings with nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches or gum. It’s best not to take on smoking again, as you’ve done so well giving up!

At least you will know that you have something to look forward to when you get back home! Why not treat yourself to your favourite e-juice to come back to?

Can I vape in Tunisia?

Tunisia is in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert. Tunisia is, again, a popular tourist destination. People are drawn in by the warm weather, culture and blue seas and skies. 

Yes, it is legal to vape in Tunisia.

So you can enjoy a cocktail by the pool with a full tank of Anarchist Purple. This is one of the most perfect poolside flavours, sweet, fruity and refreshing.

Where can’t I vape in Tunisia?

Like most places, you may not be able to vape where smoking is banned.

We always suggest that before you start puffing away in the hotel bar, make sure you ask the staff first.

If the hotel allows it then be courteous of other people in the space. It might not be the time to be practising tricks!

You should be fine to vape out in public spaces, such as the poolside, towns and beach. But, if you see a no smoking sign then take that as a no vaping too.

Can I buy vape supplies in Tunisia?

There are a few vape shops in Tunisia. However, heading off on a pilgrimage to find one of these shops will take away from your chilled holiday. 

What is the best vape flavour to vape in Tunisia?

As you’re on holiday and enjoying some super hot temperatures you should try refreshing flavours.

Think ice-cool menthol mixes, such as Doozy Avalanche, exotic lychee and a deep flavour of mixed berries with an icy exhale.

What do I need to pack for vaping on holiday?

  • Vape charger
  • Battery case (if you have external batteries)
  • E-liquid 
  • Your vape device
  • Spare tank 
  • Extra coils 

Remember, when you are away you will probably vape more than you would at home as there will be more opportunity to do so. Make sure you pack enough vape juice and coils to see you through. 

Can I take my vape through airport security?

Vaping on holiday advice

There have been a few scare stories about people taking their vape through airport security – stories on how vape pens have been mistaken for all sorts of banned items by airport security, even bullets! 

Chances are, though, with vape pens being part of every day in most countries, you’re unlikely to encounter this issue.

I took my vape pen and juice through airport security when e-cigs were new on the scene, and although the security man did a double-take at my clear bag of liquids, I got through just fine.

However, if you’re off to Dubai and are wondering whether or not you can take your vape through airport security, then be warned: people have had their vapes taken away at the airport, both going into the country and going home. 

Some countries forbid you to take your vape device as vaping is banned, so do check before you travel. 

The standard rules for liquids and gels apply to your vape juice too; you can’t have any over 100ml, and they have to be separated out into a clear plastic bag.

Unscrew your tank and put it in the bag too, then place the battery on top of your carry-on. This will make it easier for security staff to check – if you start concealing it, then it might look suspicious!

When you’re taking your vape through airport security be sure to have your battery charged and ready to go. This way you will be able to turn it on if the security ask you to do so. Also, you’ll want a full battery for when you reach the other side!

Key points for travelling on a plane with a vape

  • Keep e-liquids in your hand luggage in a clear plastic bag
  • Have charge in your vape battery 
  • Store your battery in your hand luggage
  • Keep e-juice bottles under 100ml

vaping on holiday

Can I take my vape on the plane?

Back in the day some airlines used to actually sell ecigs of sorts. Not anymore. While you can’t fire your kit up on the plane (yes even under your jacket), you can take it on the plane. Airlines often want you to store your vape pen with you, rather than in the hold. 

You just need to make sure you store it correctly to avoid breakages and leaks. We suggest the following:

  • Keep your vape kit in a hard shell case
  • Travel with an empty tank
  • Have the battery fully charged in case you need to show what it is 
  • Don’t keep the kit in your pocket, store it out of temptation where there is also less chance of leaks

Can I take eliquid on the plane

Leaving a UK airport will allow you to bring vape liquid on the plane. You will need to make sure that it is stored in one of those clear plastic bags. You also should screw the lids on properly, or even travel with unopened juices to help avoid any spillages. 

You will be able to store some of your e liquid in the hold or in your hand luggage. Just make sure you keep it in a waterproof bag so if there is a leak it doesn’t go all over your flip flops. 

Can I vape on the plane?

No. You can’t. Sorry. 

You might be tempted to secretly vape if you have it in your pocket, but there are a few really good reasons why you should not be tempted to crack it out until it’s safe (and legal) to do so.

For one, vaping on a plane is against the law. You can’t smoke ciggies on a plane, as I’m sure you’re aware.

The U.S. Department of Transportation treats the use of vape pens just as if you were smoking on the plane, so you could still face a fine ranging from two to three-thousand pounds.

There goes your holiday spending money, just so you could get in a sly vape! 

And if you’re off to the Middle East, be warned that people have actually been arrested and put in jail for vaping on the plane. So don’t do that, either.

Ryanair has previously sold smokeless cigarettes on board, however, using or even charging your own is a big no.

Be prepared to enjoy a vape in the sun when you land at your destination. The wait will be worth it, trust me.

Gatwick Airport share the airlines specific rules on vaping on the plane and how to package your kit.

Best kits for vaping on holiday

While it might be great having your mech mod while you’re at home or down the pub, it might not always be practical. For those times when you are on the go, you need to be using the best vaping devices for travel. 

These might be kits which are smaller, more discrete or less prone to leaks. Here are some of the best vape devices for you to use while you are on your travels, whether you’re off on holiday or just doing the morning commute.

Caliburn Uwell vape on plane
SMOK Priv kit vape on holiday
NXT breeze vape kit for holiday

Best ejuices to take on holiday

The Kraken Purple

Ripe Co Watermelon

vampire vape

This blog was updated 2020 with the latest information on vaping in different countries. 


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