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Can you Vape in Turkey

Can you Vape in Turkey

Vape Turkey

Are you off to Turkey this summer? 

Turkey is a popular holiday destination. Known for hot weather, decent food, bars, blue seas, sandy beaches and let’s not forget genuine fakes. If you are a vaper going to the sunny country this year then you’ll be punching into Google “can you vape in Turkey?” 

We know there are countries where vaping is not permitted, such as Vietnam, and places where it is restricted. Is Turkey on this list, is vaping banned here?

Can you vape in Turkey?

Yes, you can vape in Turkey. However, there are some restrictions and things to be aware of when travelling to the country. Each country has their own laws about vaping so it is always best to check before you travel. We have found that while vaping in Turkey is OK, buying e-cigarettes or e-liquids when you are there is not. 

What do I need to pack for vaping in Turkey?

You will need to have enough e-liquid on you as you will be unable to buy e-liquid in the country. We recommend that you stock up before you go so that you are not short. Chances are when you are on holiday you’ll be using more juice that if you were at work. There’s nothing quite like being on the beach with a cold beer in one hand and the refreshing icy blast of Doozy Vapes in your tank.

You will also want to take a spare tank in case you have the dreaded vape drop. We also suggest that you take another battery or basic kit in case yours unexpectedly kicks the bucket while you’re away. Best to have all angles covered because you’re not going to get a replacement in Turkey.

Can you vape in public in Turkey?

Yes, you can vape in Turkey’s public spaces, however, if smoking is banned there, then so is vaping. Same goes for restaurants. If you see someone smoking after their Turkish bread then chances are vaping is good too. It is always best to ask the staff before you puff, to be polite and to not get kicked out.

Any more tips for vaping in Turkey?

Our top tip is to be polite. Make sure you don’t sit in an enclosed space blowing out huge clouds. Those around you might not be too grateful to have it in their face, or dinner. Even if it does smell like sweet and sour cherries. 

How should I travel with my vape pen?

We have written a whole blog on travelling with your vape. However, if you are in a rush then the short of it is, travel with it in your hand luggage, with your juices in a clear plastic bag. Make sure your device has charge in case you need to prove it works or show it to security. You will also be the best idea to travel with an empty tank to prevent any leaks.

Keep your e-liquids in your suitcase in a plastic or waterproof bag. This way, if there are any leaks you won’t get it all over your holiday clothes. 

As always, if you have external batteries, these need to be stored in a case, not your pocket!

Can you vape on the plane to Turkey?

No. You cannot vape on any plane, just like you can’t smoke. It’s best to keep it in the overhead locker and keep it out of the way until you reach the smoking destination outside the airport. Smoking or vaping on the plane can leave you with a fine, not a great way to start your holiday.

Just remember, stock up on enough e-liquid to avoid running out and having nowhere in Turkey to legally buy e-liquid with nicotine.

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