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Vaping Safety Tips

Sure you knew as a smoker the top tips for smoking safely- such as don’t light up and then fall asleep, don’t leave your lighter in the sun. With vaping there are also some tips that you will need to know in order to vape safely.

  1. Buy a device from a reputable brand

Our first vaping safety tip is to buy your device from a store that stocks well known and reputable brands. Read reviews, listen to what the person in the shop thinks of the device and the brand. Beware of knock offs and untrusted brands…  

  1. Don’t buy fakes!

Okay so the knock off one is cheaper, lots cheaper. However, what price is your safety worth? What happens if it breaks within a week or sets on fire, not so cheap then is it?

  1. Don’t keep a battery in your pocket

On a night out it might seem like the end of the world if your vape runs out, however keeping a spare battery floating around in your pocket amongst your keys and loose change is a no go. You could accidently complete the circuit between the positive and negative ends… this could end your night pretty quickly with a trip up A&E. Top vaping safety tip: always use a battery case!

  1. Keep out of reach of children and pets

Nicotine can be a poison if ingested so it is very important to keep your e-juice and device out of reach of children. If you have curious pets who are likely to chew through your liquid then be sure to keep your vape and the liquid somewhere out of the way. Think high up, locked cupboard.

  1. Don’t leave your vape on charge and unattended

First off make sure you are using the correct charger for your device, use one that is quality. Avoid cheap chargers as they can overcharge your batteries and cause them to vent. ‘Venting’ is when  the chemicals inside the battery get excessively hot and start creating gasses.

  1. Drink more water

Make sure you drink more water when you are vaping, even more so in the summer. Vaping can lead to an unpleasant dry mouth and dehydration so keep topped up!

  1. Watch it if it’s too hot

Chances are your mod is going to get a little warm if you’re vaping. However, if it gets really hot and too hot to touch then set it down and leave it to cool off. If the battery continues to get hot like this then chances are it is being pushed too far and is venting. Key vaping safety tip here is to use your instincts, if you think your vape isn’t quite right then discard your battery somewhere safe. Don’t just throw it in the bin as it could start a fire.

What is your top tip for vaping safely?

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