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Why use vaping to quit smoking

Fewer people than ever are smoking. In fact, data from the Office of National Statistics showed that 17.2% of adults in the UK smoked in 2015, which is down from 20.1% in 2010. Since records began in 1974 the number of smokers in Britain is at its lowest point ever. Many of these smokers have used vaping to quit smoking.

You might have tried to quit smoking before, but there is just something that keeps drawing you away from the patches and the gum and back to the comfort of that little tobacco stick. There are reasons why the vape is more popular in helping to get people to quit smoking, and it isn’t just down to the nicotine hit either, though of course that plays a part in it.

In this blog we are going to explore reasons why vaping to quit smoking has been so successful among ex smokers.

It’s pretty cheap

One reason why many people look to quit smoking and start vaping is because they want to save some money. With it being almost £10 for a packet of cigarettes it’s no surprise. Vaping will cost you as much or as little as you want to invest. Bottles of 10ml juice start at around £3-4, and you can usually get some great deals.

You get that throat hit

When you first quit smoking chances are you are going to miss that feeling you get at the back of your throat. A stick of gum or a nicotine patch isn’t going to do that for you. When you use vaping to quit smoking, you get that warm feeling that you’ve grown to love from years of smoking.

You can change the strength of nicotine

If you were a heavy smoker, then chances are you will start with a pretty high nicotine content. Over time you can gradually wean yourself off of the nicotine, dropping right down to a 3mg, then eventually a 0mg when you use vaping to quit smoking.

New devices to suit your preference 

If you feel that you have reduced your nicotine so much that you can’t really feel the throat hit when you are vaping to quit smoking then you can buy a device that packs more of a punch. Meaning that even when you are vaping a 0mg you still get the throat hit

Keeping up the act

If you’ve been a smoker for years then you probably have got quite accustomed to having something to do with your hands while you’re out and about. When you quit smoking using a vape you still can keep up the act of smoking and having something to hold. This is something that you would never get from the gum or patches.

Is the time right for you to quit smoking? Do you think that you’ll benefit from getting that throat hit and keeping up the act? If so, vaping to quit smoking might just be the right choice for you.

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