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How to make your vape battery last longer

It’s every vapers nightmare, running out of charge on a night out, at a festival or somewhere where there is no chance of finding a plug socket spare. While at first your battery might have bee lasting for hours, days even, you might notice that over time it starts to degenerate and lose power- usually at the worst and most annoying moments. 

In order to preserve the longevity of your vape battery there are a few tips and tricks that will keep your battery running like new.

Clean your battery

You may have noticed that you battery can get pretty grubby and liquids can find their way onto the nooks and crannies. These leaks can cause the device to not work at its best and can even shorten the life of the battery. Make sure you do a regular clean of your battery and tank and remove the gunk and juice build-up, a cotton bud works wonders for this! This will ensure that the battery performs at its best and helps it to last longer.  

Charge it to the max

If you don’t have a spare, then charging your battery to the max might feel like you’re losing an arm for a few hours. However it is important to charge your battery fully each time, and to avoid letting it get down to the very low red flashes. Ideally you want to charge your battery up when you have about 50% left in it. Keep letting it die down and it will have a degenerative effect on the life of your device, and you might find that it loses power after just a handful of puffs.  

Pick up a spare

If you are a rarely seen without your vape in your hand then you might want to consider having a spare battery available to use. This way you won’t be tempted to pull yours off charge before it has fully finished doing its thing. Switching between the two will help you to keep them charged up and will help make your vape battery last longer. Click here to see what we have in store. 

Store it correctly

You need to keep your batteries in a cool and dry place, avoid anywhere that is too hot. Your car on a summer day is a no go!

Following these tips and tricks will help to make your vape battery last longer, and will keep it running like a dream.

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